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Fall 2014 Virtual Career Fair – Jobseekers

November 5, 2014
Registration is open! Visit online booths and chat live with leading process industry and other employers such as BASF, Cambridge Major Labs, Honeywell, Koch Glitsch, Marathon Petroleum, and SABIC.

Learn by Wandering Around

Career Catalyst
Ross Topliff
Walking, listening, and learning are three easy steps that promote good communication and can yield high dividends.

The Evolution of a Chemical Engineering Career

Special Section
Corrine L. Kupstas
Follow this engineer's career path as she shares her thoughts on the transitions she has made and how family considerations factored into her career decisions.

Develop an Effective Crisis Management Strategy

Steve Wilson
A thorough crisis-management plan will enable your organization to respond to a crisis promptly and appropriately. Here's how to develop an effective plan.

To Engineer or Not? That is the Question

Career Catalyst
Edward Yannul
The more important question is “how much to engineer?” Use this technique to evaluate the level of engineering effort required, and justified, for a project.

Unlikely Victory: How General Electric Succeeded in the Chemical Industry

September, 2000
Many companies that stray too far from their core business fail. So how is it that General Electric, a major electrical manufacturing company, ended up as one of the top U.S. chemical producers—with 1998 sales of $6.6 billion? In Unlikely Victory, Jerome T. Coe, a retired 40-year career employee...
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