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Fall 2014 Virtual Career Fair – Jobseekers

November 5, 2014
Registration is open! Visit online booths and chat live with leading process industry and other employers such as BASF, Cambridge Major Labs, Honeywell, Koch Glitsch, Marathon Petroleum, and SABIC.

A Rich and Diverse History

Special Section
Irene Kim
This look at the continuing evolution of chemical engineering starts with reflections on the past.

Work Effectively with Your Patent Attorney

Career Catalyst
Steven J. Helmer
By understanding the basics of patent law and by establishing a close working relationship with your attorneys, you can ensure that you receive the broadest possible patent protection.

Sparking Creativity

Career Catalyst
James D. Weith
Try some of these strategies to light your creative fires and to fan their flames.

Driving Profitability with Swaps and Exchanges

Frank Erzinger
Swap and exchange programs can significantly reduce logistics costs, as well as an organization’s carbon footprint. Despite its potential, the technique is often constrained by commercial, technical and operational concerns.

Unlikely Victory: How General Electric Succeeded in the Chemical Industry

September, 2000
Many companies that stray too far from their core business fail. So how is it that General Electric, a major electrical manufacturing company, ended up as one of the top U.S. chemical producers—with 1998 sales of $6.6 billion? In Unlikely Victory, Jerome T. Coe, a retired 40-year career employee...
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