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2015 AIChE Salary Survey

Salary Survey
Chemical engineers continue to earn more than the average U.S. worker. The median salary of survey respondents is $127,000 — a 5.8% increase over the median reported in 2013. This is an expanded version of an article that appeared in the June 2015 issue of Chemical Engineering Progress.

Succeed in the Workplace

Career Catalyst
Stan Sebastian
This top 10 list covers things you may never have been told about the real world.

Preparing Invention Disclosures

William D. Hall
The patent process can be a costly journey down a long and winding road. An invention disclosure serves as a roadmap for preparing the patent application and ultimately obtaining a valid, enforceable patent.

Limiting Shift-Work Fatigue in Process Control

Brad A. Walker, Karen D. Smith, Milena D. Kekich
Disrupting normal sleep/wake cycles causes fatigue and reduces alertness. Here are some preventive measures that can improve the performance of employees in 24-h operations.

Understanding Management Styles

Career Catalyst
Peter E. Friedes
Are you naturally a “relater” or a “requirer”? Understanding how you relate and require will help you make the changes you need to be a more effective manager.

Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

Career Catalyst
Loraine Kasprzak
LinkedIn - the social media tool most often used by professionals - allows you to establish an online presence, connect with others, and find business and job opportunities.

Marketing Your Professional Expertise to Attorneys

Career Catalyst
Rosalie  Hamilton
When you see an expert testify in a legal case on TV and think I could do that, you may be right. Here's what you need to know to become a litigation support consultant.

A ChE's Tradeshow Survival Guide

Career Catalyst
Cynthia F. Mascone
It can be a jungle out there on the exhibit floor. Try these tips to help you make the most of your trade show visit.

Unlikely Victory: How General Electric Succeeded in the Chemical Industry

September, 2000
Many companies that stray too far from their core business fail. So how is it that General Electric, a major electrical manufacturing company, ended up as one of the top U.S. chemical producers—with 1998 sales of $6.6 billion? In Unlikely Victory, Jerome T. Coe, a retired 40-year career employee...
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