Developing the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Archived Webinar
Apr 22, 2008
How can engineers and scientists best influence and inspire the next generation of scientific leaders? How can we reach out to the K-12 community to...

Rocky Mountain K-12 Outreach in Action!

Posted by Cory Jensen on
Greetings from the Rocky Mountain Section of AIChE! Since our section covers a lot of territory, it makes sense that several different types of outreach projects exist throughout...

Freshmen Chemical Engineers in Legoland

Posted by Martin Bergstedt on
Dr. Bill Elmore at Mississippi State University has begun a class for freshman ChemEs, drawing on Legos to help incoming students find out whether the chemical engineering program...

On Outreach

Posted by Alessandra Carreon on
I'll admit it. I'm a person who gets bored... very easily. Of consequence, there is one thing I find intolerable for myself: inactivity. There are lots of people like me and we...

12-Year-Old Wins Chemistry Competition

Posted by ChEnected Guest on
Twelve-year-old Audrey Gallier hasn’t decided what she wants to do when she grows up, but she knows it involves science. And she’s not waiting until college to crack open advanced...
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