Demonstrating CCS Integration

Special Section
Nick Irvin, P.E., P.G., Richard A. Esposito
The largest, fully integrated process for separating CO2 from fluegas and compressing it to a supercritical fluid, transporting the CO2 by pipeline, and injecting the CO2 into a saline reservoir is now underway at the Plant Barry generating station...

Identifying Corrosion and Its Causes

Fluids and Solids Handling
Gary Geiger, Mel J. Esmacher, P.E.
An important first step in maintaining equipment reliability and efficiency is understanding the various types of corrosion damage that can occur.

An Introduction to Immunity and Vaccines

SBE Special Section
Derek Lapiska
An understanding of the basic approach to creating vaccines, as well as how vaccines confer immunity, is essential to developing safe and cost-effective formulations.

Selecting the Proper Flare System

Back To Basics
Wes Bussman, Charles E. Baukal Jr., P.E., Adam Bader
Flares allow for the safe, effective disposal of gases and liquids, by acting as relief devices when a plant must quickly dispose of product within its system to prevent overpressurization and potential explosions.
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