Designing Dust Collectors

Fluids and Solids Handling
Greg Mehos, P.E.
To assure reliable and safe operation of a dust collector, apply the basic principles of chute and hopper design — which are based on the dust's fundamental flow properties.

Understand Thermodynamics to Improve Process Simulations

Computational Methods
Fred C. Justice, P.E., David Hill
Selecting a thermodynamic model is an important step in process simulation — one that many engineers overlook. This overview of applied thermodynamics can help you choose the right model for your process.

Technology Integration Challenges

Special Section
Ronald K. Munson, John J. Marano, Jared P. Ciferno
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) could be an important part of the transition to lower-carbon energy sources. However, widespread integration of CCS with existing power-generation plants and technologies — on a commercial scale and in a cost-...

Choose the Right Electric Motors for Hazardous Locations

Back To Basics
Uriah Van Amerom
Risks associated with operating an electric motor in hazardous areas range from production downtime to injury and death. Learn how to assess the operating environment and select the appropriate motor.
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