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The recent March 2015 presentation by Dr. Seth Cohen of ASU on Fermentation Science is here:


Check out our Young Professionals Group!  There is a YP event in Kingsport on March 19, 2015.  Visit the Young Professionals page for more info!

The recent Feb. 2015 presentation by Prof. Masanet on Life Cycle Analysis is here.


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About Us

I hope you'll join in to the many educational, networking, and enjoyable activities of the East Tennessee Section of AIChE.

The East Tennessee Section has contributed to the profession of chemical engineering for six decades.  Our area is in the extreme eastern part of the state near the border with Virginia and North Carolina.  As discussed in the local section history, our section was founded and is largely driven by employees of Eastman Chemical Company, which is the 9th largest chemical company in the U.S. and has over 500 chemical engineers at its headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee.  However, many of our members work for other local employers as well including Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) in Elizabethton, Tennessee and BAE Systems in Kingsport.

Our section has monthly programs from September through May.  Most of these are lunchtime meetings held in the Eastman Research Laboratories, but there are occasional plant tours and night meetings as well.  The local section offers a review course for the professional engineer’s exam and sponsors continuing education classes as well.  The history of these events is documented by our local section newsletter which is published monthly from September to May.

PE Exam Review Course in Kingsport

The Professional Engineering Exam for Chemical Engineers is offered twice annually: in the middle of April, and at the end of October.  In the past, the East Tennessee Section of AIChE has offered a review course for those planning to sit for the exam.  The winter months seem to be more conducive to studying for the exam, so the course has traditionally been offered in February and March.  Many who do not plan to sit for the exam until October also attend the class, however, in order to refresh their memories about the topics they will be reviewing.

If you are interested in attending this course, please contact Joe Parker at 423-229-3850 (e-mail jlparker@eastman.com) so we can determine if there is sufficient interest to hold the course next year.

The class would meet one night a week for six weeks; each week, a different subject would be reviewed.  The subjects that would be covered by the course are:

Mass and Energy Balances
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer
Mass Transfer
Reaction Kinetics

Each session would last two to three hours.  The course would begin around the first week in February 2015.

The cost of the course is $15 for members, $75 for non-members.  If you are not a member, a local section officer will be happy to sponsor you for $59 membership.  Contact Lane Daley at 423-229-3064 or adaley@eastman.com for more information about becoming a member of AIChE.

EVEN IF YOU ALREADY HOLD AN ENGINEERING LICENSE, YOU MAY WISH TO ATTEND THIS COURSE!  The State of Tennessee requires each licensed engineer to obtain 24 Professional Development Hours (PDHs) over a two-year period in order to retain his or her engineering license.  The East Tennessee Section of AIChE will award PDHs according to the number of class hours attended.  Students who attend all sessions of the course will receive15 PDHs, more than enough to satisfy the requirement for one year. 

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