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Coming up! AIChE Social – Happy Hour

The AIChE Young Professionals Committee (YPC) would like to invite you to our 2nd YPC event! Join us in a Happy Hour event at the New Brewery in Kingsport.

When: Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Time: 5:30-7:00PM

Where: Sleepy Owl Brewery in Downtown Kingsport: 151 East Main Street, Kingsport, TN

Who should attend: EVERYONE who is 21 or older! It is also open to spouses and significant others.

May Local Section Meeting

Kirk Wiebe, Ethics and the Events of September 11, 2001May 8, 2014, 11:30-NoonResearch Auditorium, Eastman Chemical Company, B-150Mr. Weibe is a retired NSA manager and will address the subject of Ethics.

AbstractAs the makeup of the work force becomes ever more diverse, the very meanng of ethics on a personal basis can differ significantly.  With the work force increasingly made up of people who may have grown up in differing cultures, how does today's enterprise ensure a common understanding of what is expected in terms of personal behavior at work?  If an enterprise does not have a clearly articulated policy in terms that define behaviors to be rewarded and behaviors to be discouraged, the risk is high that expected outcoms will not be realized.  If the policy regarding ethics is not widely embraced by employees, the risk is even higher.  An examination of ethics and their relationship to the events of 9/11 serve to illustrate what can happen when ethics do not guide behavior at the work place.

About the SpeakerBorn in Chicago, lllinois and raised in Indiana, J. Kirk Wiebe is retired from the National Security Agency where he worked for 32 years as a linguist, manager, senior intelligence analyst, and business process analyst.  He is the recipient of the NSA's second highest award, the Meritorious Unit Award, the Director of CIA's Meritorious Unit Award, and a Letter of Commendation from the Secretary of the Air Force, among other awards. He has appeared on various media, including Fox News, CNN, USA Today, and CBS in his role as whistleblower about matters of privacy involving the government's electronic surveillance using "big data."

Non-Eastman employees, please contact Tim Nolen (tnolen @ eastman.com) to arrange for a visitor's pass.

About Us

I hope you'll join in to the many educational, networking, and enjoyable activities of the East Tennessee Section of AIChE.

The East Tennessee Section has contributed to the profession of chemical engineering for six decades.  Our area is in the extreme eastern part of the state near the border with Virginia and North Carolina.  As discussed in the local section history, our section was founded and is largely driven by employees of Eastman Chemical Company, which is the 9th largest chemical company in the U.S. and has over 500 chemical engineers at its headquarters in Kingsport, Tennessee.  However, many of our members work for other local employers as well including Nuclear Fuel Services (NFS) in Elizabethton, Tennessee and BAE Systems in Kingsport.

Our section has monthly programs from September through May.  Most of these are lunchtime meetings held in the Eastman Research Laboratories, but there are occasional plant tours and night meetings as well.  The local section offers a review course for the professional engineer’s exam and sponsors continuing education classes as well.  The history of these events is documented by our local section newsletter which is published monthly from September to May.

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