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About NSEF

Chartered: 2003

Dues: AIChE Non-Members: $25; Members: $10


About NSEF

NSEF provides a forum for communication and networking among engineers and scientists who share interests in research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels. This also includes chemical, biological, and materials processes and products. This division coordinates and sponsors relevant programming, including crosscutting and special-initiative technical sessions and conferences. This promotes the exchange of ideas, concepts, know-how, and experiences in nanotechnology. Further, the NSEF encourages educators at all levels, particularly in chemical engineering, to integrate concepts of nanoscale sciences and engineering in their curriculum.


NSEF was formed in 2003 according to its bylaws. The mission of the Nanoscale Science and Engineering Forum (NSEF) is to promote the application of chemical engineering principles to the advancement of nanoscale science and engineering. This mission is accomplished by:

  • Planning technical programming that focuses on timely and important topics in nanoscale science and technology and leads to a multi-disciplinary exchange of ideas, concepts, know-how, and experiences in nanotechnology.
  • Developing mechanisms to foster communication and networking among NSEF members through regular newsletters, continuing education opportunities, cosponsoring events with other organizations, and other activities.
  • Encouraging and supporting educators at all levels, particularly in chemical engineering, to integrate concepts of nanoscale science and engineering into their curriculum.
  • Identifying excellence in nanoscale science and engineering through annual forum awards.

NSEF membership will help you:

  • Expand your network. Technical division or forum membership gives you unparalleled opportunities to exchange information and build professional relationships with engineers in your specialty. Through meetings and symposia you’ll tap on-the-job support, promote research and find answers to issues affecting your most perplexing projects.
  • Become a leader. As a member, you’ll gain indispensable experience by serving as a division or forum officer. You’ll also participate in interactive educational workshops focused on leadership-building skills like management, outreach and communications.
  • Stay current. Many divisions and forums offer newsletters, breaking news emails and publish symposia proceedings, so you keep current on the latest advances in your field. Activities such as programming for the Annual and Spring National Meetings, and various stand-alone conferences also keep you abreast of what’s happening in a particular area of chemical engineering.
  • Get recognition. The honor of peer recognition is one of the most satisfying awards you can receive during your career. Most AIChE divisions and forums have annual awards that recognize the accomplishments of their members and outstanding chemical engineers in their fields.