Nanoscale Science & Engineering Forum (NSEF)

Developing and applying nanotechnologies.

NSEF provides a forum for communication and networking among engineers and scientists who share interests in research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels. This also includes chemical, biological, and materials processes and products. This division coordinates and sponsors relevant programming, including crosscutting and special-initiative technical sessions and conferences. 

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2014 Annual Meeting Poster Award Winners

Posted by Jung-Sheng Wu on
NSEF Poster session: 1st place: Yijin Kang (Argonne National Lab); 2nd place: Justin Clar (University of Florida); 3rd place: Candice Pelligra (Yale University). Bionanotechnology Graduate Student Award Session: 1st place: Paul Godfrin (University of Delaware); 2nd place (tie): Anastasia Kruse (...

2015 NSEF Leadership

Posted by Jung-Sheng Wu on
Message from Current Chair Zach Hilt : Since 2003, NSEF has provided a key forum within AIChE for members to exchange ideas and expertise in the area of nanoscale science and technology, and I have been honored to serve as chair of the forum for the past two years. As we move into the latter stages...

Recent Events

2014 AIChE Annual Meeting - NSEF Programs

Sunday, November 16-21, 2014, 7:00am CST
Posted by Jung-Sheng Wu
NSEF is pleased to announce many exciting scientific sessions at the 2014 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia from November 16 - 21, 2014. Highlights of the programming activities are included below. 2014 NSEF Award Winners: NSEF is honored to present Lynden A. Archer with the 2014 NSEF Forum Award...Read more

Recent Activity

Graphene Oxide & Applications

Posted by Jason Wei on
<p>Hello! I wanted to make a post about Graphene Oxide, a material I studied over the summer at an internship in chemistry. For those who have...More