NuClean Kickoff Workshop

A Center of Excellence for Nuclear Waste Safety & Remediation
November 7, 2013

Hosted by AIChE’s Center for Energy Initiatives and sponsored by CTOC, Nuclear Engineering Division, North American Mixing Forum and the Environmental Division, this workshop brought key stakeholders together to clarify and focus NuClean efforts on key information gaps and needs, and began to formulate a plan of action for NuClean implementation.

Speakers & Technical Program

Presentations from the workshop are posted below.  Background information and a summary of the discussion from the workshop can be found here.

Goals & Background

Establish NuClean as a nuclear waste management center of excellence to leverage chemical engineering expertise on nuclear waste management and engage with broader professional efforts on underlying multi-disciplinary public and technical community information, research, outreach and education needs. 

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Schedule & Featured Events


Overview: Nuclear waste management - Technical, Political, Regulatory

Challenges regarding Commercial and Legacy Waste, including the state-of-the-art in technologies and organizations for responding to current nuclear waste processing, storage and remediation issues and the US Science Policy. David Kosson, Vanderbilt University, Cornelius Vanderbilt Professor of...

Assessment and Perception of Risks Associated with Nuclear Waste

Session focuses on how the public perceives these risks and need for communities to know about waste streams and their consequences Ed Jones, LLNL, Deputy Associate Program Leader for Risk Assessment, System Engineering, and Human Performance; Chris Whipple, Environ, Principal, Radioactive Waste...

Featured Speakers