An Upgraded Definition of Risk Based Process Safety Core Value and Its Impact in Light of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication On Future Evolution of Process Safety Culture & Management

Global Congress on Process Safety
AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
April 30, 2013 - 8:00am-8:30am
The paper unprecedentedly presents an upgraded definition of Risk Based Process Safety (RBPS) Core Value, new definition of Process Safety Cultural Communication, 5 Patterns of RBPS Core Value and their analysis in light of anthropology and Intercultural Communication, and prospects the potential impact on future evolution of process safety culture & management.

The definition of RBPS Core Value is upgraded not only upon the 4 pillars of RBPS but also upon their inherent interrelationships so that the “RBPS Temple” reinforced successfully, as originally intended but perhaps not achieved completely before. And the 4 dimensions of classic value studies in anthropology are introduced into RBPS Core Value, and among them Power Distance (PD) identified and recommended as the critical tool for analysis of RBPS Core Value status, in context both of which and of Intercultural Communication 5 organizational patterns of RBPS Core Value, i.e. Bian Que-Duke Cai Pattern, Moses-Pharaoh Pattern, Solomon Pattern, Sheba Queen Pattern and Pattern of 3 brothers of Bian Que, are borrowed from West and East cultural traditions and modeled collectively with attempt to accommodate as a map for almost all typical organizational patterns of core value within process industry and beyond where major accidents ever occured and were investigated.

And furthermore the underlying interacting mechanism between RBPS Core Value and 4 pillars of RBPS is examined and re-defined more “scientifically”, both at organizational and individual levels, in context of Intercultural Communication and newly defined Process Safety Cultural Communication, upon all of which a few of important recommendations are made, including some recommendations to BP Baker Panel's Recommendations and some shedding light on the ultimate root cause for "loss of corporate memory" problem, and the future evolution of process safety culture & management with involvement of anthropology and Intercultural Communications into RBPS prospected.

Key wards: RBPS Core Value, Process Safety Cultural Communication, 4 pillars of RBPS, Anthropology, Intercultural Communication, Power Distance, Organizational Patterns of Core Value, future evolution

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