2023 ChemE Cube Competition Powered by RAPID | ExxonMobil

2023 Competition Materials Now Live

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The 3rd Annual ChemE Cube Competition powered by RAPID® | ExxonMobil will focus on Direct Air Capture and take place in November at the 2023 AIChE Annual Student Conference. Undergraduate student teams from any university are welcome to participate.

Getting Started with ChemE Cube

Interested in getting involved with ChemE Cube but don't know where to start? Some quick tips:

  1. Download and read the full suite of competition materials listed below
  2. Sign up to be notified when any ChemE Cube documents are updated
  3. Catch up on the ChemE Cube informational webinar recording
  4. Form a ChemE Cube team at your university (the competition is open to all majors)
  5. Sign up for a Virtual Qualifying Presentation time slot (this is where you'll present your design to judges and qualify for the in-person competition)
  6. Work with your team and a faculty advisor to design your cube and prepare a design presentation

Key 2023 Dates

January 26

View the webinar on-demand

ChemE Cube staff will provide an in-depth overview of the competition and an introduction to Direct Air Capture problem statement. A recording of this webinar will be available shortly.

March 31

Teams interested in competing in the 2023 ChemE Cube Competition sign up for a Virtual Qualifying Presentation Time Slot

April 3-14

ChemE Cube Virtual Qualifying Presentations take place. Teams provide a 20-minute presentation on their cube's preliminary design and value proposition with 10 minutes of Q&A.

April 19

Approximately 10 of the top scoring teams will be invited to compete in the 2023 ChemE Cube Competition in Orlando, FL.

April 28

Qualifying teams confirm their intended participation at the on-site competition.

August 21

2:00PM-3:00PM: 2023 ChemE Cube Competition Prep Call; teams who qualify to compete will be required to participate in this virtual event.

October 9

5pm PT: Deadline for Engineering Design Package (EDP) Submission

October 23

5pm PT: Deadline for The Ad Submission

November 6

3rd Annual ChemE Cube Competition, Orlando, FL

Should you have any questions or require clarification, contact ChemECube@aiche.org.

2023 Competition Materials Now Available - Updated February 2023