Cheryl I. Teich

Cheryl Teich has just completed her term as the 2015 AIChE President and is now immediate Past President.

Cheryl is the Reaction Engineering Expertise Leader in Dow Chemical’s Engineering Solutions Technology Center. She joined Dow during its 2009 Rohm and Haas acquisition, and recently marked her 30th anniversary with the combined company. Cheryl holds BS (MIT), MS (MIT), and PhD (Stevens Institute of Technology) degrees in chemical engineering. She has spent her career negotiating the interfaces between R&D, manufacturing, and business functions. She considers herself an “expert generalist” in process development, reaction engineering and problem solving.

There is a strong synergy between Cheryl’s “day job” and her AIChE contributions: the ability to see common factors among disparate groups and leverage their individual strengths across organizational boundaries. Cheryl served on AIChE’s Board of Directors (2007–2009) while chairing the Executive Board of the Program Committee (2008). She negotiated the use of Rohm and Haas’ innovative webcasting technology at the 2008 Centennial Meeting, a precursor to ChemE on Demand. As chair of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (2012), she shepherded the formation of the Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (PD2M). Cheryl is a founding member of the Process Development Div., an organizer of that Division’s symposia, and has co-chaired and chaired AIChE National Meetings (New Orleans, 2002, and Atlanta, 2005). She is an AIChE Fellow and a Trustee of the AIChE Foundation.