A World of Doing More Good

The AIChE Foundation is grateful to its community of 6,000+ industry partners and individual donors who've been instrumental in Doing a World of Good! Thanks to their generosity, we've set into motion lasting change for the betterment of humanity through chemical engineering.
Now more than ever, we stand united by our shared vision to create a safe, collaborative, diverse and inclusive community of chemical engineers.
The 2020 Doing a World of Good Campaign report highlights our successes and milestones of surpassing the campaign’s initial fundraising goal of $15MM, having raised $17MM, with $1.6 MM donated by AIChE Fellows. The campaign’s impact continues to grow from igniting children’s imaginations, to lifelong learning, supporting groundbreaking research, and improving safety outcomes. Our remarkable work drives the future of our profession and is the catalyst for innovation, today and tomorrow.
During these challenging times, we applaud our industry partners and chemical engineers for their commitment to advance, evolve and transform the profession for good. We are all in this together!  

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