Doing a World of Good

International Student Chapter Leadership Development Travel Grant

As part of the Doing a World of Good campaign, the AIChE Foundation funded five students from around the world were recipients of an International Student Chapter Leadership Development Travel Grant to attend the 2017 Annual Student Conference.  This grant afforded most of the students the first opportunity to leave their home countries and interact with other young chemical engineers, develop leadership skills and gain access to an audience of high-level professionals.

AIChE’s Sarah Ewing, Senior Membership Associate  Associate

Content, Community and Web Director, sat down with all eight grant winners to talk about their individual conference experiences and takeaways. The winners represented Indonesia, Pakistan, Colombia, Honduras, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and China. 

These initiatives are important steps that AIChE is taking to support Research and Innovation and Attract the Best and the Brightest two of five Doing a World of Good campaign priorities that will advance the chemical engineering profession for decades to come.  Listen to their experience. 

Interview: 2017 International Travel Grant Winners (Part 1)

In this interview AIChE's Sarah Ewing sat down with winners of international travel grants to discuss their experiences at the 2017 Annual Student Conference in Minneapolis. The winners were from Cairo University, Egypt; Koç University, Turkey; Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Bogotá and Colombia.

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