Industry Leaders Voice Optimism in the Midst of COVID-19

Executives representing more than two dozen companies gathered online on April 17 to discuss their organizations’ responses to COVID-19 — and offered reflections about the changes wrought by the pandemic — during a meeting of the AIChE Foundation’s Corporate Council and Leadership Forum. In the meeting, the executives expressed admiration and gratitude for a workforce that has demonstrated resiliency and adaptability in the face of unprecedented circumstances. They also described the associated challenges related to strategic planning, logistics, and workforce deployment beyond Spring 2020, across a landscape still clouded by ambiguity.

At the same time, participants expressed pride in their companies and their colleagues, and voiced optimism about the prospects for their industries at a juncture where the world seems ready to accept new things and needs new ways of getting things done.

Chemical engineers are problem solvers by nature. said Michael McAtee

“Chemical engineers are problem solvers by nature,” said Michael McAtee (BASF, retired), who added that the COVID-19 emergency is an unprecedented opportunity for chemical engineers to contribute to the global well-being through their expertise. “We have a mission ahead of us that is exactly what we’re geared for,” McAtee said.

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