Ice Cream is Chemical Engineering Comic
Ice Cream is Chemical Engineering Comic

Ice Cream is Chemical Engineering Comic

Illustrating Innovation: Promoting the Possibilities of Chemical Engineering Through Comics

These comics are fabulous – particularly to open minds and inspire curiousity across all ages. — Nance Dicciani, Former President and CEO of Honeywell's Specialty Materials Business Group

The AIChE K-12 Committee launched an outreach initiative for high school and first-year college students that showcases the real-world applications of chemical engineering and illustrates the societal impact that ChEs have.

In these comics, characters explore how food science, water remediation, polymer development, and more are all examples of chemical engineering. The explanations are presented in vibrant and easy-to-understand visual narratives that appeal to students and reveal the role of chemical engineering in everyday products and activities such as ice cream, nail polish, and hockey.

The combination of compelling storytelling and graphics encourages students to consider the exciting possibilities of chemical engineering as a career path and aims to inspire the next generation of ChE talent.

The AIChE Foundation funds and partners with initiatives like these comics as part of our Doing a World of Good campaign.

We hope you’ll join us in inspiring the next generation of chemical engineers today.