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Fuel the Future of STEM

What would today’s world look like without the contributions of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)? It’s almost unfathomable.

We live in an era of sweeping technological change and scientific discovery. Improving and supporting STEM education to help build a diverse workforce that is skilled and proficient enough to drive innovation and solve some of our planet’s biggest challenges is more important now than ever before.

As part of our mission, the AIChE Foundation prioritizes attracting the best and the brightest to pursue a career in chemical engineering. One way we do this is by running programs that capture the excitement and possibility of chemical engineering beginning at a very early age.

The chemical engineering profession is constantly evolving; our accomplishments throughout history are astounding—just imagine how impactful our combined contributions will be on the profession. 

Meet an Entire Generation of STEM 

Kavya R. Bhatt
AIChE Kids Day Camp, University of Iowa

Kavya, 8-year-old, attended an AIChE Engineering Kids Day Camp held by our University of Iowa Student Chapter. Kavya experienced hands-on influential learning that instilled her with a passion for STEM activities. She spent her day celebrating Earth Day and learning about sustainability, being Green, and what she can do to be eco-friendly. Her favorite part was designing her own cup as part of a planting game. When asked if she would like to come back to the day camp, she responded with “yes, a definite yes. It will be a lot of fun.” Kavya hopes to engage in new competitions and games like making airplanes that can fly—she loves to build things that she can move and control. 

Jonathan Henry
B.E. Chemical Engineering, 2018

Jonathan, a senior at The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, who shared how his time in The Cooper Union Student Chapter helped him discover a career in the pharmaceutical industry. “I believe a career in this field will allow me to combine both my chemical engineering knowledge and my interest in biomedical engineering.”

Deborah L. Grubbe
CEO, Ops and Safety Solutions
AIChE Fellow and Board of Trustee

When asked what inspires her support and partnership with AIChE, Deborah said, “I give to AIChE to advance my profession, which has given me so much; to assist others in developing some of the same advantages I have had throughout my career; and to share the excitement of being involved in something bigger than me.”

Together, let us look to the future, and its promise, to ensure the next generation has the tools they need to succeed. 

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