Eastman and its 2019 Summer Interns put Safety before Fun in the Sun

While many of us were frolicking on the beach this summer, a new program debuted to the summer interns at Eastman in Kingsport, Tenn. This summer, Eastman offered its rotation of interns the opportunity to complete SAChE® (Safety and Chemical Engineering Education) certification, an online training program that was grown from the Undergraduate Process Safety Learning Initiative (UPSLI), an initiative under the Doing a World of Good Campaign. The SAChE® program offers students safety training that leaders of the campaign hope will ultimately reduce process safety incidents.  Eastman, in its support of the Doing a World of Good Campaign, teamed up with the AIChE East Tennessee Local Section to offer the training to its 2019 roster of student interns. 

Why did Eastman take on this leadership role of introducing SAChE® to its summer interns?  As Eastman’s Senior Vice President, Chief Manufacturing, Supply Chain, and Engineering Officer, Mark Cox can answer that question.

 “I can think of no better way to accelerate development as an engineering student, and Eastman is deeply pleased to have a front row seat to such rapid growth.   The future of our industry is bright!”

Now that the model has been embraced and implemented, AIChE East Tennessee looks forward to continuing to partner with Eastman to leverage this great resource in intern and co-op programs, not just in the summer, but throughout the calendar year.  According to Teni Butler, Coatings Tech Service Rep at Eastman Chemical Company and Chair of AIChE East Tennessee, “We hope to help Eastman continue to lead the way in driving toward a zero-incident mindset. We are also excited to work with Eastman University Relations to leverage relationships with our target recruiting schools to bring more awareness to the availability of SAChE® and have the importance of being well versed in process safety reinforced from all sides in both industry and university settings.”

AIChE congratulates Eastman on this amazing accomplishment and is grateful for its continued partnership in the Doing a World of Good Campaign!

This year alone, over 20,000 SAChE® certificates have been awarded to students.  In 2020, AIChE hopes to team up with even more companies to expand these numbers. For more information on how you, your company or university can get involved, please contact Lisa Lanzkowsky at lisal@aiche.org.