Dr. Monty Alger, Dr. John Jordan, and Dr. Darrell Velegol: Doing a World of Good

Topic: Career Discovery

In this Doing a World of Good Raj and Kamla Gupta Podcast episode, host Bob Knorpp speaks with Dr. Monty Alger, a professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn state and AIChE 2020 President; Dr. John Jordan, Professor of Practice at Syracuse University, author and veteran educator; and Dr. Darrell Velegol, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering at Penn State University and President of Knowlecular Processes Company. 

Many students have difficulty choosing a career path, and often end up in a career that doesn't fully suit their interests or skills. This is because most students are unsure of what they actually want to do, and fail to have an end goal in mind.

Dr. Alger, Dr. Jordan and Dr. Velegol are three curators of the Career Discovery method - a practical approach to helping students identify their skills and then match them to real-world marketplace needs.  They discuss what led to the formation of the Career Discovery method, the "skills" market, the lifelong benefits of using this method and how AIChE is supporting their efforts.

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