Dr. John P. Banovetz and Dr. Brendan Boyd: Doing a World of Good

Topic: 3M and Eastman Chemical Company during COVID-19

This special series of the Doing a World of Good Podcast, generously underwritten by Raj and Kamla Gupta, focuses on how chemical engineers and our industry are addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode, host Bob Knorpp speaks with Dr. John P. Banovetz, the Senior Vice President of Innovation and Stewardship and Chief Technology Officer at 3M; and Dr. Brendan Boyd, the Vice President for Technology at Eastman Chemical Company.

Dr. Banovetz and Dr. Boyd were tasked with ramping up the production of personal protection equipment and products at their respective companies. They discuss sourcing, manufacturing and production of PPE during the pandemic, how they handle the growing demand, and what's next on the agenda regarding their COVID-19 response effort.

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