Craig Kennedy and Merck: Doing a World of Good

This is the first of a special series of the Doing a World of Good Podcast, generously underwritten by Raj and Kamla Gupta, focused on how chemical engineers and our industry are addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

In this episode, host Bob Knorpp speaks with Craig Kennedy, the Global Head of Transformation and Supply Chain Management at Merck, also known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada.  

Craig serves on Merck's COVID-19 crisis management team and has been instrumental in their ability to deliver medicines to patients faster and more efficiently.

He discusses the ways in which Merck has solidified their crisis management structure to respond as timely and effectively as possible. In addition, he discusses the important role their chemical engineering team plays in supporting their efforts and how to stay in the know regarding Merck's progress. 

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