AIChE Foundation’s Minority Serving Institute Grant Recipients

The AIChE Foundation supported the travel of 28 AIChE undergraduate student members from Minority Serving Institutes (MSI) to attend the 2018 AIChE Annual Student Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. The travel awards were significant for Howard University and Hampton University, who had not attended the annual student conference in over a decade.

The travel awards have led to greater participation of the student chapters in AIChE events. The Foundation had the opportunity to chat with 2 MSI grant recipients Jeandele Elliot and Darius Harris in Pittsburgh.

Jeandele Elliot, sophomore student at Howard University shared her experience at the annual student conference. She spoke about the importance of learning from your peers, the benefits of networking, building the spirit of team work and collaboration and the need to relate to others as a leader.

Darius Harris, junior chemical engineering student at Prairie View A&M University expressed his excitement to attend the student conference for the first time. He was truly grateful to be a recipient of the MSI travel grant. He had the opportunity to meet prominent engineers with over 30 years of experience and stressed the importance of networking.

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