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The Langer Prize means so many things to me.  It means funding to help translate our work.  It means developing a network of passionate people.  It is priceless as well, that the many students who worked on the technology saw their work and ideas validated at the highest level and were encouraged to continue working towards big goals in their careers. — Albert Keung, 2023 Langer Fellow

Our need for groundbreaking ideas and innovative solutions is accelerating at an unprecedented pace.

Chemical engineers are at the forefront: inventing, innovating, and re-imagining ways to make our lives and our world better.

The Langer Prize, for example, is awarded annually to those who have demonstrated exceptional achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Named in honor of Robert S. Langer, the award provides funding to support the Langer Fellow in advancing their original approach or idea to provide a valuable contribution to society.

Early-career researchers are therefore encouraged to submit their blue-sky ideas that could lead to critical technical and commercial innovations.

Since the campaign launched, the AIChE Foundation invested your gifts to work in the following ways:

  • $475K awarded to early career researchers through the Langer Prize
  • 3,147 individuals trained in process intensification

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