2022 Annual Recruitment Fair
2022 Annual Recruitment Fair

2022 Annual Recruitment Fair

Career Development

Doing a World of Good Through Career Development

I know the students that I mentor for research, as well as those in my courses, will benefit. In addition, the networking opportunities with faculty at a similar stage were invaluable. — Manuela Ayee-Leong, Associate Professor at Dordt University, on the 2022 Summer School

AIChE is the destination for chemical engineers to access lifelong learning opportunities.

Your gift will support education, training and career development programming ensuring all chemical engineers have the opportunity to enhance their personal and professional skills to reach their potential and make a positive impact on the world.

Since the campaign launched, the AIChE Foundation invested your gifts to work in the following ways:

  • 400+ female chemical engineers participated in the Rising Star Workshop providing them skills to advance their careers.
  • 700+ process engineers collaborate and connect via the AIChE Community for Process Engineers.
  • 200+ chemical engineering faculty attended the 2022 ASEE/AIChE Summer School for Chemical Engineering Faculty

Learn more about the Doing a World of Good Campaign.

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