November 2023 CEP Preview

Special Section: Synthetic Biology

Synthetic Biology: Fueling Industrial Biomanufacturing

Precision Fermentation Can Lead the Way to Sustainability in the Chemical Industry

Industrial biotechnology offers an avenue for large-scale production of chemicals without requiring petroleum feedstocks. One company’s innovations in this space hold promise for meeting decarbonization goals in the chemicals industry.

Domestication Is the Ancient Past and Imminent Future of Biomanufacturing

Domestication is the most successful bioengineering project humans have ever undertaken. To address the climate emergency, we must deploy the principles of domestication to onboard new microbes that can bring an economic challenge to petroleum supremacy.

Living Medicines: Engineering Bacteria to Treat Disease

A new approach to cell therapy deploys engineered cells from the human gut microbiome to treat disease.

Building the Bioindustrial Manufacturing Workforce

A well-prepared, highly skilled technical workforce in bioindustrial manufacturing is essential to realize the full potential of the emerging bioeconomy. 

Fluids and Solids Handling

Dilute or Dense Phase Pneumatic Conveying?

Use this methodology to select a dilute or dense phase mode of pneumatic transport. Read now


  • Unlit and Inefficient: Flares Burn Off Less Methane Than Previously Believed
  • Scientists Design Climate-Controlled Clothing
  • “Weed-Out” Courses Disproportionately Weed Out Minority Students
  • A Miniaturized Robot May Speed Up Microassembly
  • Decarbonizing China’s Steel and Cement Industries with Hydrogen
  • Business Update


  • Editorial: Questioning A Tradition of the Season
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: A Sustainable Alternative to Performance Plastics Makes a Debut
  • Process Safety Beacon: Idle Does Not Mean Safe
  • New Products: Environmental, Health, and Safety; Engineering Services; Instrumentation; Software; Fluids and Solids Handling; Operations and Maintenance
  • Profile: Demystifying the Skincare Industry with Sound Science
  • Patent Update: Escape Infringing a Patented Method of Manufacturing – Legally
  • Emerging Voices: Does Distance Learning Bring Us Closer to Education?
  • Books
  • Institute News
    • 2022 Board of Directors’ and Institute Awards
    • AIChE to Stage Inaugural “ChemE Show” in 2023
    • Early-Career ChE Faculty Report to Summer School

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