October 2020 CEP Preview

SBE Special Section: Microbiome Engineering

  • Engineering Gut Bacteria as Living Therapeutics

  • Developing Precision Microbiome Medicines (Read this article now)

  • Leveraging Bugs as Drugs

  • Unraveling Plant and Soil Microbiomes

This four-part special section details the use of genetically engineered gut microbes to treat disease, the role of artificial intelligence in understanding microbiomes, the challenges of manufacturing live biotherapeutic products, and the importance of soil microbiomes to human health.

Environmental Management

Building Water Resiliency at Hydrocarbon Processing Facilities

Use these strategies to manage and treat water sources for reuse within evaporative cooling towers.

Back to Basics

Optimize the Use of Flow Additives

Optimally blend flow additives to improve manufacturing efficiency and transform the performance of commercial products.

News Update

  • A New Highly Specific COVID-19 Test
  • Chemical Engineers Improve Biomass-to-Biofuel Process
  • Non-Slip Shoe Grips Inspired by Kirigami
  • Expanding on Green Jet Fuels
  • Turning CO2 into Carbon Nanotubes
  • Novel Gene Editing Techniques Deletes Herpes


  • Editorial: Going with Your Gut
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: With Self-Erasing Ink, Paper Does Not Have to be Disposable
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Integrating Process Design, Scheduling, and Model Predictive Control
  • New Products: Instrumentation; Software; Materials and Chemicals; Laboratory Equipment, Fluids and Solids Handling; Environmental, Health, and Safety; Operations and Maintenance
  • Process Safety Beacon: Hazardous Chemicals Hidden in Plain Sight
  • Profile: Phillip Savage — Fostering an Environment of Sustainability and Learning
  • The ChE in Context: Old Tricks for New Dogs
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing through Service, Analytics, and Education
  • Career Connection: Financial Strategies for Difficult Times
  • Meeting Preview: 2020 Virtual AIChE Annual Meeting
  • Institute News
    • 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting Goes Online Nov. 16–20
    • AIChE Election Ballots Due Oct. 19
    • SBE to Recognize Laurencin and Maranas at AIChE Virtual Annual Meeting
    • Newly Elected Fellows
    • Daniel I. C. Wang, Bio Pioneer and Co-Founder of AIChE's Society for Biological Engineering Dies at 84
    • In Memoriam: Edward W. Merrill

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