Chemical Engineering Practice

The SBE Web-Lab Initiative

by ChEnected Guest
Imagine the traditional laboratory setting in an undergraduate engineering class. Now imagine the ability to remotely operate and manipulate lab equipment housed miles away in a...

Free Catalyst App Ready to Download

by Kent Harrington
Physicist Jens Hummelsh?j, pictured with his iPhone, working with fellow researchers at the SUNCAT Center for Interface Science and Catalysis , at Stanford, and has developed an...

Have You Heard of Wireless Electricity?

by John Vasko
Think about it. Everything else is wireless. Why do we need cables to provide our electricity? From TEDtalksDirector : Eric Giler wants to untangle our wired lives with cable-free...

Water: Industrial Discharge Permits

by Kylie Canales
Environmental management groups are cracking down on industries by imposing tighter discharge limits and making industries everywhere contemplate in-house pretreatment programs—...

Cool Tool To Keep Your Time Zones Straight

by John Vasko
Do you work with people in different parts of the world? If you sometimes have a tough time remembering what time or day it is where those friends or colleagues are, you don't...

Account for Uncertainty with Robust Control Design - Part 2

Rakesh Joshi
Konstantinos Tsakalis
J. Ward MacArthur
Sachi Dash
Robust control can be applied to design controllers that can handle process uncertainty. Learn how to use identification experiments to obtain estimates of this uncertainty.

November 2014 CEP Preview

by Karen Simpson
Back to Basics: Introduction to Fluidization Fluidized beds offer excellent heat transfer, and have the unique ability to move a wide range of solid particles in a fluid-like...
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