Solids Handling & Particle Technology

Safely Handle Powdered Solids

Fluids and Solids Handling
Daniel E. Silva, Russell Kahn, Stanley S. Grossel, Robert Zalosh
Understand some of the accident scenarios that result in dust explosions, and follow these suggestions for preventing them.

Screw Feeders: A Guide to Selection and Use

Fluids and Solids Handling
Thomas L. Krieger, Hermann J. Feise, Steven W. Couch, Timothy Bell
Gain insight as to what screw feeder is best for your application. Plus, learn how to size, specify and test screw feeders.

Selecting Entrainers for Azeotropic Distillation

Reactions and Separations
Lionel O’Young, Madhura Chiplunkar, Vivek Julka
This systematic methodology uses residue curve maps to identify and evaluate substances that can facilitate distillation by breaking an azeotrope.
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