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The Eight Steps to Specify a Catalyst Bed

AIChE Webinar
Live Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 2:00pm-3:00pm EST
This webinar outlines the eight basic steps in specifying a hydro-genation catalyst: performance specification, process configuration, catalyst...

Optimizing Adsorption Process Design and Operation

Sponsored Webinar
Live Wednesday, October 29, 2014, 2:00pm-3:00pm EDT
This webinar describes new model-based approaches that allow the rapid and accurate design and operational analysis of complex adsorption cycles...

Selected Pressure Relief Systems Heuristics

Sponsored Webinar
Aug 27, 2014
In this webinar, you learn heuristics for a few common overpressure scenarios including blocked pump outlet, low-pressure vent piping losses, fire...

Processing Challenges with Tight Oil

AIChE Webinar
Jun 4, 2014
This presentation provides insight into processing challenges with tight oil. Opportunity crudes from shale are more readily available in North...

Gas Trial for FLNG Nearshore Commissioning

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 2, 2014
Gas trial is the important process to evaluate Cargo System Performance for FLNG Project. Several methods are now being considered and we will...

A FT-GTL Technology for Small-Scale Applications

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 1, 2014
Abstract Stranded gas wells are reserves of natural gas (NG) that have been discovered but deemed unusable due to physical or economic reasons owing...

The Path to New Technology Commercialization

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 1, 2014
For process developers, the commercialization of new process technology in the Hydrocarbon Processing Industries (HPI) is a difficult and almost...

Assessing Thermal Stability - the Challenge of Powders

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 31, 2014
Assessing the thermal stability of process materials and mixtures is an essential step in understanding the process safety profile of a process. Many...

Moving Forward as On-Line Analyzers Improve

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Mar 31, 2014
Online analyzers and sensors offer significant improvements to processes. They greatly enhance process control helping to insure consistent product...

Mixing and Blending of Solids

AIChE Webinar
Oct 30, 2013
This webinar provides an introduction to both the fundamentals of mixing processes and how to assess mixture quality and examine the qualities of...

Design Considerations for Diesel Hydrotreaters

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 4, 2012
In 2006, the United States EPA mandated the use of 15 ppmw ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) for on-road diesel fuel. At that time several refiners...

Simple Opportunities for Improving Energy Efficiency

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 4, 2012
Energy efficiency has become an important theme in the process industries, and many companies have implemented sophisticated strategies to improve...

Pressure Relief Valve Sizing Equations Basis

AIChE Webinar
Mar 14, 2012
Engineers responsible for the sizing of pressure relief valves, will get a more in-depth understanding of the mathematical basis for the sizing...

Storage and Flow of Bulk Solids

AIChE Webinar
May 12, 2010
This webinar addresses the fundamentals of the flow and storage of bulk solids, and clearly demonstrates the considerable science behind the design...

Inline Mixing Device for Medical Applications

AIChE Annual Meeting
Nov 10, 2009
In the surgical field, the mixing of two combined fluid streams is required to form fibrin glue, used as a tissue sealant or a hemostat. The sealant...

Chemical Product Design

AIChE Webinar
Sep 9, 2009
This webinar will be of particular benefit to industrial practitioners involved in the design of chemical products and processes, and faculty at...

Process Flow Diagrams

AIChE Webinar
Jul 15, 2009
The webinar will benefit those inside and outside the process engineering community who need familiarity with PFDs as communication tools.

Shortcut Methodology in Pilot Plants

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 29, 2009
This session is devoted to short cut methods in pilot plants, including enhanced experimentation, multi-throughput methods, and use of modeling to...

Biofuels Process Development

AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 28, 2009
Biofuels process development is exploding due to high crude oil prices, desire for energy independence, and government subsidy. Many challenges exist...

Kamlesh Bhatia: A Career In Innovation

AIChE Annual Meeting
Nov 17, 2008
We give an introduction and overview of the career of Dr. Kamlesh K. Bhatia, highlighting his major accomplishments and his influences on current and...

Success and Prospects in Process Systems

AIChE Annual Meeting
Nov 16, 2008
Process Systems Engineering (PSE) has been at the core of chemical engineering's definition as a discipline since the earliest stages of its...

Crystallization Process Development

eLearning (online) Course
Integrative approach for crystallization development. Using models to analyze the SLE behavior of the system, validating using relevant experimental...

Integrated Process Synthesis

Instructor-led (classroom) Course
As a chemical engineer, before you can make proposed process alterations you must consider the potential investment return. Yet, typically this...

TRIZ: The Theory of Inventive Problem Solving

Instructor-led (classroom) Course
Offered jointly by AIChE and ASME : Discover how to solve problems and create new product and business concepts using TRIZ, an inventive problem-...

Follow this Process Development Path

Reactions and Separations
Paul Szabo
Bench-scale engineering (BSE) and the interdisciplinary no-transfer team (INTT) are valuable complements to the scale-down-before-scale-up method of process development.

Making EHS an Integral Part of Process Design

June, 2001
This book presents an approach—termed MERITT (Maximizing EHS Returns by Integrating Tools and Talents)—for enhancing process development through better integration of environmental, health, and safety evaluations. It draws upon critical components of inherent safety, pollution prevention, green...

Guidelines for Process Safety in Batch Reaction Systems

September, 1999
Batch reaction systems pose unique challenges to process safety managers because they do not operate in a steady state. The sequence of processing steps, and frequent start-ups and shutdowns, increase the possibility of human errors and equipment failures. And, since batch plants are often designed...

Guidelines for Design Solutions for Process Equipment Failures

August, 1998
While there is no "perfect" solution or absolute zero risk, engineering design can significantly reduce risk potential in the CPI. In Guidelines for Design Solutions to Process Equipment Failures, industry experts offer their broad experience in identifying numerous solutions to the more common...

Selecting Elbows for Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Paul Wagner
The right elbow can keep your system operating at peak performance, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize material attrition and elbow wear. This article describes common elbows and outlines factors to consider when selecting one.

Easy Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency

Operations & Maintenance
Alan Rossiter, Veerasamy Venkatesan
Managing the energy consumption of a process does not need to be complicated. This article presents some examples of less-complicated strategies.

Applying the Paradigm Case Method for Flowmeter Selection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Jesse Yoder
This effective approach to flowmeter selection involves a step-by-step method that begins by matching the application with the flowmeter(s). Then, a series of criteria are applied to narrow the selection.
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