Communication Skills

Communicate with Power, Tone up Your Skills

Archived Webinar
Dec 2, 2009
This webinar presents ways to tone up your skills by organizing your thoughts and messages to be most effective in this age of fast communications.

Understanding Those Chemical Engineers!

Archived Webinar
Apr 18, 2012
Get an overview some of the basic principles of chemical engineering for use by other engineers as well as other disciplines that must interact with...

Program Management: Techniques and Pillars

Archived Webinar
Oct 22, 2015
Vice Admiral Joseph Dyer, USN (ret) speaks to the VLS about creating successful programs. He will provide insight on his view that programs – be they...

Interview Tips

Conference Presentation
Southwest Process Technology Conference
Friday, October 4, 2013 - 8:30am-11:30am

Leadership Is Everyone’s Responsibility

Archived Webinar
Feb 20, 2013
This webinar discusses the “hidden leadership” opportunities that are woven into everyday roles, how to recognize these opportunities and take...

How to Write Reports for Management

Archived Webinar
Jun 10, 2008
Your project is finished and you are ready to draft your report. Your mind is full of topics to cover and details to include. As you start the...

Smart Blogging for Chemical Engineers

Career Catalyst
Loraine Kasprzak
Blogs have come a long way since their first appearance in the late 1990s, when they were little more than online diaries. Today, people are just as likely to turn to blogs (Internet shorthand for “Web log”) as to newspapers or magazines for information and news.

Hopefully, Change Won't Be Difficult

I was taught that the word hopefully means “in a hopeful manner” or “full of hope.” Authors who start a sentence with the word hopefully usually mean “I (we) hope” or “it is hoped” — which is an incorrect usage of the word.

Advance Your Career in 8 Words or Less

Special Section
Kate Wendleton
A short, simple and concise message can be an effective way to let others know about your accomplishments and your worth.

Write a Better Brochure

Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
Engineers are often called on to review product brochures and ads for equipment and processes. Here are six tips for working more effectively with an ad agency or corporate marketing-communications department to create good product literature.

Give Memorable Presentations

Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
These guidelines will help you prepare and deliver a more exciting presentation.

Improve Your Telephone Skills

Career Catalyst
Make the most of this important tool by practicing some common sense and good etiquette. RobertW.Bly-

Getting Your Message Across

Career Catalyst
Margaret Clarke Hunt, Denise Price Hosier
Engineers play an important role in the marketing of products, processes and services. Here's a short course on the basics of marketing communications to help you be effective in that role.
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