Coriolis: The Direct Approach to Mass Flow Measurement

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Tom O’Banion
Coriolis meters eliminate the need to measure and correct for pressure, temperature, and density fluctuations to determine mass flowrate. Although their capital costs may be higher, they typically have a lower overall cost of ownership than other types of meters

From Wet Algae to Liquid Fuels

Mar 20, 2013
The presentation provides some general background on biofuels and on the use of algae as a biomass source for making liquid fuels. The presentation...

New Materials for Membrane Separations

Mar 13, 2013
In this webinar, Dr. Richard D. Noble - the co-director of the NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center for Membrane Applied Science...

Genetically Modified Crops

Critical Issues
John Shave
Viewpoint #1 Regulate the Product, Not the Process by Gregory Conko Viewpoint #2 Not All Sugar & Spice

CEP: YPOV Your Career as a Volunteer

Arjun Gopalratnam
To surpass the merely adequate, and to accomplish something noteworthy, requires one to take on tasks that are unstated and to solve problems that others may not have even noticed. Depending on the structure of your work environment, there may be...

CEP: Editorial - More Than a Spoonful of Sugar

Cynthia Mascone
Many of us remember receiving our polio vaccine on a sugar cube. Indeed, that was the motivation behind A Spoonful of Sugar, a song from the classic Disney movie Mary Poppins. Walt Disney had instructed the Sherman brothers, Robert and Richard, to come up with a catchy song for the film. When Robert arrived at home, after working all day trying to come up with an idea, his wife told him that the children had gotten their polio vaccine that day. Thinking they had gotten a shot, he asked them if it hurt. His son answered that the medicine was put on a cube of sugar and he swallowed it. And so “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down was born.

CEP: Update

News Update
Color-Shifting Fibers Take their Lead from Nature; Nanocapsules Target Cancer Cells without Harming Healthy Ones ; Graphene Straightens Out with Some Help from Copper; Silicon Made Easy for Batteries; and more.

CEP: Whats New

What's New
Read about new products and services in the areas of instrumentation; fluids and solids handling; laboratory equipment; and environmental, health, and safety.

Liquid Product of Liquid Phase Pyrolysis

Forest Bioproducts Division Webinar
Feb 10, 2010
Ligno-cellulosic feed is expected to contribute significantly to production of liquefied combustibles in the future, because of the quantity and the...

Cost Management in Heat-Transfer-Fluid Systems

Heat Transfer
Conrad E. Gamble, P.E.
By taking ownership of fluid-related decisions for the entire life of the project, from design through dismantling, users can secure the best and lowest-cost approach in process heating and cooling.

CEP: Process Safety Beacon - Mechanical Integrity of Tubing

Process Safety Beacon
Proper installation, maintenance, and inspection of metal tubing is important in preventing fires and toxic material releases in process plants. Do not forget about tubing just because it is usually small. Even a small leak can cause a fire that can...

Beware of Errors in Numerical Problem-Solving

Computational Methods
Michael B. Cutlip, Michael Elly, Mordechai Shacham
Understand how to detect and prevent common errors when using mathematical software tools.

CEP: What's New

What's New
Read about new products and services in the areas of instrumentation; fluids and solids handling; operations and maintenance; and environmental, health, and safety.

Diagnosing Maldistribution in Towers

Reactions and Separations
Simon X. Xu
Gamma CAT-scan technology makes possible the collection of much more vital online process information than conventional diagnostic techniques.

Assess the Performance of Positive-Displacement Pumps

Fluids and Solids Handling
AIChE's Equipment Testing Procedures Committee
Here's how to evaluate rotary pumps— gear, lobe, vane and multiple-screw designs— regardless of whether the material being handled is a Newtonian or non-Newtonian fluid.

Addressing Energy Supply Vulnerabilities

Critical Issues
Herbert W. Cooper
Can a mega-worldwide energy interruption occur? The perfect storm may be brewing with such events as natural disasters, acts of terrorism and international disputes. This article explains how your company can prepare to effectively handle an energy...

Avoid Problems with Units of Measurement

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Faruk Civan
Engineers need to clearly understand units, and be able to convert, express, document, and communicate them in correspondence, operating instructions, and publications.
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