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Capital projects

Chemical reactors

Condenser controls



Construction management



Distillation column control systems

Distillation column pressure controls

Distillation column troubleshooting services

Distillation columns

Distillation units

Equipment for measuring properties (e.g., flammability, rate of reaction, exothermic energy release, etc.) of chemicals and chemical mixtures at operating conditions

Forensic engineering services

Preparing for Failure January, 2015

Heat Exchangers

Heat-transfer fluids


Hot vapor bypass systems

Incident investigation services

Preparing for Failure January, 2015

Incident planning services

Preparing for Failure January, 2015

Jacketed blenders

Jacketed reactors

Molecular recognition technology

Sustainability of Metals January, 2015

Plug-flow reactors

Process hazard analysis (PHA) services

Process simulation software

Project management


Software for conducting process hazard analysis (PHA)

Software for modeling

Software for process simulation

Viscosity measurement devices: flow cup,capillary tube, rotational viscometer