CEP: July 2006

Today's painfully high energy prices have sparked a discussion and debate about our seemingly ever-expanding appetite for oil and gas. The mounting evidence of climate change largely caused by fossil fuel combustion links our energy economy to a global crisis...

Predesign with Safety in Mind

Palligarnai T. Vasudevan, Gael D. Ulrich
This article will help you develop strong safety instincts that will guide you in making critical decisions in the preliminary design phase.

Use Cascade Analysis to Optimize Water Networks

Environmental Management
Yin Ling Tan, Zainuddin Abdul Manan, Dominic Chwan Yee Foo
This numerical technique for identifying fresh water and wastewater targets eliminates the tedious and time-consuming steps of graphical targeting approaches. Use it to complement the graphical techniques in the design and retrofit of water networks.

Cost Management in Heat-Transfer-Fluid Systems

Heat Transfer
Conrad E. Gamble, P.E.
By taking ownership of fluid-related decisions for the entire life of the project, from design through dismantling, users can secure the best and lowest-cost approach in process heating and cooling.

Increase Powder Flow via Gas Injection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Thomas G. Troxel, John W. Carson, Herman Purutyan
Fluidization and air-assisted discharge are two ways to optimize fine-solids handling. However, the choice of technology is as important as designing and operating the system properly.
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