CEP: November 2002

From bench-scale chemists to process engineers - industry professionals are increasingly aware of the need to improve the drug development process. We employ tools like biocatalysis, highthroughput screening, process simulation and streamlined chromatography...

Navigate Phase Equilibria via Residue Curve Maps

Reactions and Separations
Waldo E. de Villiers
Raymond N. French
George J. Koplos
These maps provide a rapid, graphical means to visualize the separation possibilities and constraints of azeotropic ternary systems. They also help check the soundness of models used to predict equilibrium data.

Succeed in Business in Eastern Europe

Career Catalyst
Lionel F. Laroche
Susan Morey
Eastern Europe is a significant potential market for Western corporations. There are plenty of opportunities for success if you learn to do business in a way that meshes with Eastern European expectations of how business should be done.

Ease Control Valve Selection

Fluids and Solids Handling
Trevor Bishop
Meredith Chapeaux
Liyakat Jaffer
Kiran Nair
Sheetal Patel
With so many types and options available, choosing the right control valve can seem daunting. Selection can be simplified by considering the process fluid, the service requirements, how the various valves function, and seeing how each valve will...
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