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CEP: October 2001

Creating some semblance of normalcy is, for many, one way of coping with the tragic events of September 11, 2001. In the September 16th edition of the Sunday New York Times, reporter Ellyn Spragins writes, "Returning to normal life as quickly as possible is surprisingly meaningful."..

Reduce Thermal Risk in Industrial Synthesis

Richard C. Wedlich 
Knowing the safe operating conditions for a reaction allows us to select appropriate safety measures and thereby lower both the likelihood and the severity of a thermal runaway.

Pervaporation Comes of Age

Reactions and Separations
Nick Wynn
This membrane process has found growing use for dehydrating organics. Uses keep increasing, mostly due to development of new, high-temperature membranes.

How to do an Internal FDA Audit

Gavin Sinclair
Meeting FDA regulations is not optional. The costs are high for any company that does not act responsibly to ensure that all additives are meet the required regulations.

Write a Better Brochure

Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
Engineers are often called on to review product brochures and ads for equipment and processes. Here are six tips for working more effectively with an ad agency or corporate marketing-communications department to create good product literature.

Run Clean with Dry Vacuum Pumps

Fluids and Solids Handling
Jim  Ryans, Joe  Bays
The use of dry pumps is growing, replacing workhorse steam jets and liquid-ring pumps. Here is a comprehensive selection guide.

Air Heater Cleaning Simplified

Heat Transfer
Brad Buecker
This high-pressure water washing technique can be used to clean Ljungstrom-type air heaters.

Optimize Control Room Communications

Brad A. Walker, James E. Lenhart, Karen D. Smith
Faced with more distractions than ever, operators need an environment that is conducive for dealing with abnormal, as well as normal, situations. Effective control room design can help.
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