CEP: May 2001

Negative publicity has probably plagued the chemical process industries (CPI) since its inception. Take for instance the 1999 movie, A Civil Action, starring John Travolta, adapted from the nonfiction bestseller authored by Jonathan Harr...

Uncovering the Realities of Simulation

Computational Methods
Andrew  Vieler, Marco S. Satyr, Oscar  Santollani , Rajeev  Agarwal, Yau-Kun Li
Running sophisticated process simulations does not guarantee correct results. You need to understand the thermodynamic assumptions underlying the program and how to ensure proper applications.

Select the Best Model for Two-Phase Relief Sizing

Ronald Darby, Ron Darby, Paul R. Meiller, & Jarad R. Stockton
A variety of methods exist for sizing valves, but not all give the best predictions for certain conditions. RonDarby-PaulR.Meiller-JaradR.Stockton-

Properly Clean Out Your Organic Heat-Transfer Fluid System

Heat Transfer
Ander  Beain, Jay  Heidari,  Conrad  Gamble
Follow these guidelines for applying side-stream filtration to on-line cleaning, and chemical or mechanical cleaning to equipment that has been drained of fluid.

Now Hear This

Career Catalyst
Robert W. Bly
Understand the listening process and follow these guidelines to become a better listener.
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