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Is Your Cold Lime Softener Effective?

Reactions and Separations
Loraine Huchler
If your plant's utility system is experiencing problems, the culprit may be the clarifier. Understanding how to diagnose and correct off-spec clarifier operation will allow downstream units to function more efficiently and reliably.

Discussing Climate-Change Challenges

News Feature
Matthew McKeon-Slattery
The U.S. is still at odds with other developed nations when it comes to a strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. At the G8 Summit, President Bush opposed a pact advocated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel calling for CO2 emissions to be...

Efficient Technology Evaluation

Critical Issues
Francesco Citro, Reuel Shinnar
To stay competitive in today's economic climate, rapid and effective assessments of new technologies is a must. Requiring a minimal amount of data, this powerful method can effectively evaluate new ideas and research programs at an early stage...

Understand the Emerging Issue of Vapor Intrusion

Environmental Management
Matthew Traister
The migration of vapors from contaminated groundwater and soil into aboveground buildings can adversely affect indoor air quality by creating an exposure pathway that may not have been addressed previously.

Mitigating Global Climate Change Through Power-Generation Technology

Critical Issues
Frank Princiotta
With the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change set to release its Fourth Assessment Synthesis Report later this month, now is a good time for chemical engineers to take a look at this topic. This article provides a succinct integration of...

Industry and SBE News

SBE Special Section
Dr. George Georgiou to Receive SBE's James E. Bailey Award; Averting an Epidemic— Novel Device Detects Avian Flu Virus in Less than Half an Hour; Cell-Free Protein Sythesis Comes of Age; Genetically Engineering Microorganisms into Pharmaceutical...

Tools to Model Multiphase Separation

Fluids and Solids Handling
David Connolly, Saeid Mokhatab, Timothy Newton
The flow fields in multiphase separators are often extremely complicated, making it difficult to model such systems. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and visual dynamic modeling (VDM) can be used together to overcome some of the challenges.

Properly Select Equipment for SIP Systems

Fluids and Solids Handling
Tony George
Sterilization-in-place (SIP) systems are essential to the operation of many pharmaceutical and biotech facilities. This article reviews design considerations, selection criteria and performance expectations for control valves, regulators, isolation...

Improving Heat Exchanger Designs

Heat Transfer
Christopher A. Bennett, David C. King, R. Stanley Kistler, Thomas G. Lestina
This article defines and explains the factors that affect heat exchanger design margins. With the proper application of design margins, capital costs can be lowered and plant operations improved.

Scaling Fixed-Bed Catalyzed Processes

Reactions and Separations
Jonathan H. Worstell
The new parameter introduced here will yield more meaningful results when a fixed-bed reactor is scaled up for process development or scaled down for plant support.


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