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Designing a Facility for API Development

Plant Design
Terrence Fay, Yasha Zelmanovich
Kilo labs are instrumental in scaling up the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients. This article discusses the critical factors that must be considered to design such a facility.

Mother Nature as both Doctor and Patient

SBE Special Section
Edwin N. Lightfoot
Once we have grasped some essentials of this riotous, but surprisingly well ordered world, we shall find our transport phenomena background to have real utility.

Right-Sizing Environmental Controls

Environmental Management
E. Joseph Duckett
Size does matter - and bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to pollution control. It is more important to be the right size than the largest size.

Industrial-Scale Flare Testing

Environmental Management
Charles Baukal, Mahmoud Fleifil, Jianhui Hong, Robert Schwartz
Advanced flare testing at full scale can help to ensure that the system operates as designed. This article explains what's involved and the parameters that should be measured and evaluated to demonstrate performance, reliability and safety.


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