Vasily Simanzhenkov

Vasily Simanzhenkov is a research engineer at NOVA Chemicals Corp. He has 10+ years experience in secondary crude oil treatment processes, petroleum and petroleum product analyses and petrochemicals. Dr. Simanzhenkov received two diplomas in chemical engineering and technology, the first from the State Academy for Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia, and the second from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology, Freiberg, Germany and received the Ph.D. degree (2000) from Freiberg University of Mining and Technology. He is the author of numerous conference and research papers, co-author of a...

Walt Hart

Walt Hart is a Managing Consultant in the Houston office of IHS Purvin & Gertz. Having joined Purvin & Gertz in 2006, Walt’s proprietary studies have involved business analysis and strategy, market studies, forecasting, valuations, and legal support. He works primarily in the area of natural gas liquids and light naphtha, but also has experience in alternative fuels. He has authored portions of worldwide multiclient studies, taught workshops, given seminars, and conducted training courses while at Purvin & Gertz.

Prior to joining Purvin & Gertz, Walt spent 14...

Bill O'Brien

William (Bill) O'Brien is currently the Unit 33 Production Superintendent at Chevron Phillips Chemical at Sweeny, Texas. He recieved a BS in Chemical Engineering in December of 1978 from the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque. He has spent his entire career at the Sweeny Complex. Prior to the joint venture between Chevron and Phillips 66 he worked with all of the Ethlene Units and most of the Petrochemical & Refining Units at Sweeny. Sharon and Bill have been married for 28 years and have 3 chilren, Sandy, Sarah and Patrick.

Bill Valerioti

William L. Valerioti, P.E. (Metallurgy, Oklahoma), is a Sr. Materials & Mechanical Integrity Specialist with Chevron Phillips Chemical LLC. Bill holds a Master's degree in Materials Science & Engineering, Auburn University. He has been involved in corrosion analysis/prevention and materials selection for the petrochemical and aviation industries for 30 years. Bill is a member of the NACE and AIST (Association for Iron and Steel Technology).

Adrian L. Sepeda

Adrian Sepeda has a broad, 33-year background in the chemical industry. After managing process safety, risk management and accident investigations for Occidental Chemical Corporation’s worldwide operations, he started his own process safety and risk management consulting firm. He has national and international clients that include large corporations as well as small businesses. .


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