Downflow Workstations

Operating at low noise levels, these workstations recirculate air without releasing expensive conditioned and/or heated air into the atmosphere. They have been specifically designed as small bench-mounted units with unrestricted access for operations that are difficult to perform under a conventional fume hood. To provide protection, the downward flow of air takes contamination away from the operator, and an alarm will sound when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level.

Pro+ rupture disk

Pressure relief systems have the lowest pressure drop and the highest flow when the rupture disk with the lowest KR (a rating given by ASME) is used. The Pro+ rupture disk has earned the lowest currently registered KR rating for a reverse-buckling disk family, 0.29, making it one of the most effective pressure relief devices on the market and earning it a UD ASME authorized stamp. The disk’s 95% operating ratio guards against fatigue and premature disk rupture in applications with high operating-to-set ratios.

Valvcon ADC addressable actuators

Valvcon ADC addressable actuators have RS-485 communications, and offer support diagnostics, local override control, and constant battery-charge monitoring. They provide quarter-turn operation and can meet torque requirements up to 3,000 in.-lb in a total package weight of only 31 lb. The RS-458 communication capability offers high data-transmission speeds of 35 Mbits/s for distances up to 10 m, and 100 kbits/s at 1,200 m., and they can be readily adapted to communicate cycle times, torque characteristics over time, and environmental operating temperatures.

E-Z Tec XR-81 X-ray inspection system

The E-Z Tec XR-81 X-ray inspection system examines large cartons or cases. It is constructed of a durable stainless steel cabinet with a 15-in. color screen and dual-generator architecture. This design allows full case inspection without the risk of burn-through at the corners. It offers an auto-matic setup and external connectors, which may be networked as a structured query language (SQL) client with full remote support facilities. The system does not need frequent calibration and can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Accel MicroCel S2 centrifugal cleaning system

  A chemical isolation option for the Accel MicroCel S2 centrifugal cleaning system improves the units’ zero-discharge capability and extends the life of mixed-bed deionizing resins. An open programming platform and superior interface, aided by the manufacturer’s preconfigured software, make this cleaning system option easy to set up.

IPC Bio Pulse Disinfection Process

Incorporating an enhanced pulsed electric field process (PEF), the IPC Bio Pulse Disinfection Process is aimed at users who have found the conventional PEF purification process too energy demanding. For example, this system reduced energy requirements significantly using a flow-through system and treatment chamber with a 60-kV pulse at 100 pulses per second. The microbe load was reduced from 4.4 million to five, for a 5.94 log reduction. System prices start at $300,000.

Drip Pans

Some leaks are too large for an absorbent pad. For such leaks, especially those in tight spaces such as under machinery and pipes, the absorbent drip pan effectively soaks up spills. The pan is made of sturdy plastic and houses an eco-friendly pillow made of plant fibers and other reusable resources. Soiled pillows are easily removed for replacement. The pan measures 10 in. long by 12 in. wide by 4 in. high.

M20 Scrubber-Sweeper

The M20 Scrubber-Sweeper is the only industrial floor cleaning machine that combines a scrubber and a sweeper into a single system — dubbed FloorSmart technology (patent-pending) — that eliminates the complexity of traditional sweeper-scrubbers (two machines bolted together). In essence, the M20 features a high-capacity hopper with dry dust control, allowing users to dry sweep or wet scrub — or do both simultaneously — using the same two brushes. No tools are required to change the brush, squeegee, or washable dust filter, which filters at 99% overall efficiency.

Dx4030 portable, multi-component monitoring system

The Dx4030 portable, multi-component monitoring system detects and quantifies gas and vapor leaks at accident sites and at process locations within the chemical manufacturing industry. It provides readings in about 5 s, using Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) analysis. This battery-powered and easy-to-use instrument can be controlled and operated through a field-rugged personal digital assistant (PDA). Available units are shipped precalibrated to monitor 25 volatile organic compounds and inorganic gases.

Pleated Spun-Bond Polyester Filtration Media

Offering strength, efficiency, durability, and cost effectiveness, pleated spun-bond polyester filtration media are used in industrial baghouse filters for dust removal in air temperatures up to 275°F. They can be singed, glazed, or have polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) membrane bonded to it. Thus, they do not attract oil-like polypropylene and nylon fibers, which can cause the media to deteriorate prematurely. Spun-bond polyester media cleans easily, allowing cartridges used in paint powder coating applications to work like new after a simple soap and water washing.


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