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AIChE will undertake a routine upgrade of our digital infrastructure over the weekend of December 16-18, 2016. During this period access to certain areas of the website will be limited. Additional information will be forthcoming shortly.

2016 Student Awards Ceremony Recap

November 13, 2016
The Awards Ceremony for the 2016 Student Conference acknowledges notable achievements of AIChE student members. Here's a recap and some photo highlights.

2016 Annual Meeting Honors Ceremony Recap

November 14, 2016
The 2016 Institute and Board of Directors’ Award winners were given at the Honors Ceremony at the Annual Meeting in San Francisco. These are among AIChE’s most prestigious awards...

Improve Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger Performance

Air-cooled heat exchangers (ACHE’s), sometimes called air coolers, are used in a variety of applications in refineries, petrochemical plants, gas treating plants, compressor stations, power plants, and other industrial applications. These processes are often critical to the operation of the...

Defining Testing and Calibration Schedules for Process Weighing Equipment

Weighing is a key activity in most production and laboratory environments. As a consequence, the ISO9001 quality-management standard specifies that an organization must select measuring equipment so that measurements are carried out in a consistent manner. Additionally, ISO states that measuring...

Don't Do This! 40 Years of Worst Process Safety Practices

"Run it till it breaks and then patch it" is a dangerous management philosophy. Over a 40-year career in chemical manufacturing and process safety consulting, the author has seen the results of this approach. In this article, he reviews some of the worst process safety practices associated with...

Maintain Operations While Isolating a Pressure Relief Device

Overpressure protection must be provided for pressurized equipment by means of pressure relief devices (e.g., pressure relief valves, bursting discs, explosion hatches, water seals, buckling pin devices, and pressure/vacuum breather valves). These pressure relief devices sometimes require...


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