TENT: The Present and Future of Biomolecular Engineering

Biomolecular engineering is an emerging discipline at the interface of molecular biology, biophysical chemistry, and chemical engineering. The scientists, engineers, and professionals engaged in this field contribute to the development of analytical, molecular, high-throughput, and therapeutic...

TENT: Food-Energy-Water Nexus

This article explores:
• The needs and challenges to understanding the nexus and associated tradeoffs between food, energy, and water.
• Roles and efforts of professional societies and collaborations between government, industry, and academia and engagement opportunities.

New Bandage Glows in Presence of Infection

December 22, 2015
British researchers have created a bandage that warns of common infections by turning a fluorescent green within four hours of pathogen detection. While a bandage often helps to...

How Desalination Created Modern Qatar

December 16, 2015
Imagine a country with abundant energy — primarily gas and oil — but lacking almost any drinking water (ground or surface), which is essential for the cities, infrastructure, and...


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