The Second Phase of ChE Education [Blog Series]

December 13, 2013

2013 AIChE President Phil Westmoreland is in the middle of his second blog series on ChEnected.

This series highlights what new ChE professionals need to learn that isn’t taught in school. Current professionals describe the types of responsibilities they’ve had in their work to date, as well as the skills or expertise they needed beyond what they learned as students.

You’ll also hear from their mentor or a senior person offering their perspective on the skills or expertise that new professionals must learn.

Below are the links for indivual posts or you can go directly to the series.

Go to the Series

To illustrate the breadth of chemical engineering and to explore ways in which the profession is changing, throughout 2013 AIChE will be featuring profiles of today’s  young professionals, as well as  experienced engineers. This effort is being spearheaded by 2013 President Phillip Westmoreland. To learn more, see Dr. Westmoreland's President's Message. You can also read his blog series etitled "We Are ChE: Entering a Golden Age".

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