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Analyzing Equilibrium when Noncondensables Are Present

Environmental Management
Allen Hatfield
With the simplifying assumption that all of the noncondensable gases exit via the vapor stream, material balances and equilibrium calculations can be used to determine the compositions of the emissions streams leaving a control device.

Right-Sizing Environmental Controls

Environmental Management
E. Joseph Duckett
Size does matter - and bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to pollution control. It is more important to be the right size than the largest size.

Selecting the Proper Flare System

Back To Basics
Wes Bussman, Charles E. Baukal Jr., P.E., Adam Bader
Flares allow for the safe, effective disposal of gases and liquids, by acting as relief devices when a plant must quickly dispose of product within its system to prevent overpressurization and potential explosions.

Think Outside the Box to Reduce Wastes

Environmental Management
R. Bruce Hartman, Martin C. Welch
Use this audit procedure to evaluate the current performance of your process safety management processes as well as their future viability.

Identification of Cleaner Production Improvement Opportunities

February, 2006
Regardless of its size or nature, every industry generates waste and is responsible for imple-menting the practices of pollution prevention and waste minimization in its day-to-day operations. Whether it's dirty water or toxic wastes, industrial pollution is all the same in one way: it reduces a...
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