Session 4: Practical Implementation

Thursday, May 2, 2013, 8:00am-11:30am CDT

Session Chair: Loraine Huchler, MarTech Systems

Practical Implementation of water reuse is specific to each site; however, the process to conceptualize a water reuse project, define the justification, analyze the feasibility and proceed through funding, planning and execution is a predictable process. Attendees at this session will have a “birds-eye” view of a project team that addresses two water reuse initiatives from start to finish. One scenario will require replacement of a portion of the raw water with recycled water from the local municipality, i. e. Title 22 water, and the other scenario will analyze an internal water reuse application. Our facilitator will guide the project team through the discussions and ask the audience to weigh in on their concerns and insights about merits of the decisions of the project team. This session will build on the information presented in the previous three sessions: regulatory and cost drivers, the hurdles and opportunities for water reuse and conservation in industrial sites and to the role of other factors such as scarcity, regulation, and corporate sustainability issues and the commercialized and developmental technologies for industrial water reuse and conservation and application strategies as well as discussing project management and specialized mapping and modeling tools.

Confirmed Speakers

Title 22 Water Panel

  • Recycled Water Supplier: Joe Walters, West Basin Municipal Water District
  • Equipment Supplier: Al Pristera, Nalco
  • Water Treatment Supplier: Tim Eggert, GE Water & Process
  • Consultant: Jerry Levine, Water & Power Consult

Internal Reuse Panel

  • Plant Regulatory Expert: Tara Lee Lanier, Marathon Petroleum
  • Plant-Project or Utilities Engineer: Don Akers, Marathon Petroleum
  • Water Treatment Supplier: Mikel Goldblatt, Ashland
  • Consultant: Sid Dunn, Baker Petrolite