Duties of an Officer

The following is a summary of what each officer of the section does along with an estimate of the time (per month) you may spend conducting those duties.  The estimates are deliberately high, especially if you have served in another position.  If you have any questions or what more information, contact any current officer or send a note to Tom Blackwood at aiche@att.net.

Chair (10-12 hr)

  • Motivate and encourage other officers to support and organize activities.
  • Submit annual registration report to the Missouri Secretary of State by August 31.
  • Call and conduct meetings.
  • Maintain communication between section and AIChE.
  • Prepare the Annual Report to AIChE with help of treasurer.
  • Writes monthly newsletter items via e-mail.
  • Designs the programming schedule with input from the section officers.
  • Schedules officers meetings (2-3/year).
  • Reviews the necessary action items at the regularly scheduled officers meeting.
  • Has signature authority for the bank account.
  • Responsible for regularly reviewing the section financial condition with the treasurer.

Director (3 hr)

  • Provides objective advice to officers offering insights and comments about section activities and organizational practices.
  • Execute special projects as deemed important to the section.

Secretary (4-6 hr)

  • Mails the paper copies of the newsletter and/or section meetings.
  • Keeps records and handles correspondence.
  • Keep and distribute executive committee section meeting minutes.
  • Records the action items from previous meetings.
  • Maintains section files (most are current).
  • Submit information for Annual report (number of meetings and attendees at functions) and section history.

Treasurer (2-5 hr)

  • Prepare annual budget (in cooperation with other officers).
  • Prepare an end of year financial summary or treasurer’s report and submit to AIChE in March.
  • Work with AIChE to arrange local section dues, accounting, and remittance.
  • Maintain copies and records of all transactions.
  • Receive account statements and checks (Dues and Mailing Allowance) from AIChE.
  • Updates signature card for section bank account.
  • Reimburses all section expenses.

Vice-Chair (6-8)

  • Lead meetings and fill in for chair if needed.
  • Act as program chair if one is not assigned.
  • Assist Chair in key leadership duties.
  • Design program for following year with input and assistance from other officers.
  • Has signature authority for bank account.
  • Execute special projects as deemed necessary by the chair or other officers.

Webmaster (3-4 hr)

  • Monitor the board e-mail traffic and extract and edit tidbits that have general interest at various times during the month for posting to save section members from wading through bulletin board messages.
  • Monthly web posting of draft and revised section newsletter/s.
  • Post job and other items on the website.
  • Respond to email traffic as appropriate.

Student Liaison (1-2 hr)

  • Encourage students to attend local section meetings and facilitate meetings between the various universities or student chapters and the section.
  • Contact for the Teacher Industry and Environment (TIE) workshop.
  • Insure section meeting announcements and programs get to students.
  • Identify areas that the section can support student programs.