Local Section Resources FAQs


Local Section Membership Lists

How often does AIChE send out the local section membership lists?

As requested, the lists are available to download on the AIChE website at anytime. To view and/or download your local section membership list, please click here and enter user name and password sent to you by AIChE staff. Please contact localsections@aiche.org or call (646) 495-1331 if you do not have the user name and/or password for your section.

Who has access to the online membership list for my section?

For access information, please contact localsections@aiche.org or call (646) 495-1331

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AIChE Membership

How can AIChE help my section increase membership and can I communicate AIChE member benefits at my next local section meeting?

AIChE will provide you with information and ideas for member-get-a-member campaigns, brochures, applications, and other useful and timely information about membership, publications, meetings and conferences etc. Please contact localsections@aiche.org or call (646) 495-1330 to make requests.

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Local Section Speakers Service

How can I recommend a speaker?

If you would like to recommend a speaker/presenter to fellow section leaders, let AIChE's Membership Department know by contacting localsections@aiche.org with the person's name and contact information.

How can I find a good speaker for my next local section meeting?

If you are interested in obtaining a speaker for an upcoming section meeting, please visit the Local Sections Recommended Speakers' List at AIChE Speaker's Corner where you can search speakers by region, name or topic. This list is based on recommendations from local sections over the years. AIChE is currently working on making revisions and significant improvements to this resource in the coming year. For more information, contact localsections@aiche.org.

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Local Section Annual Reports

What is the Local Section Annual Report?

The Local Section Annual Report is an online reporting system hosted on AIChE's Extranet at http://www.aiche-xtranet.org/. The Annual Report provides important information and updates pertaining to local section activities, programming, prevalent concerns and needs, and critical feedback on the services and resources AIChE's Membership Department make available to local sections. Sections are sent the link to the form every year in November/ December. Sections are asked to fill out the report and submit it in the Spring of the following year.

Can I find a copy of my section's old annual reports?

Hardcopy archives of most section annual reports date back only five years. However, a new feature of the online reporting system beginning with the 2001 Annual Reports provides local sections with the benefit of a permanent archive of past local section annual reports-- available for reference via www.aiche-xtranet.org. For more information, contact localsections@aiche.org.

Local Section Leaders Discussion Board

The local section disscusion board is a means for local section leaders to communicate internally and externally, share best practices and have meaningful discussions on issues facing AIChE Local Sections today. For information and instructions on how to join the discussion board, please contact localsections@aiche.org.

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Program Funding and Development

How do I find out more about successful programming ideas and available funding?

One of the best ways to learn about successful programming ideas is find out what other local sections are doing. This is why the Local Sections Discussion Group is a great tool for sharing best practices and exchanging ideas with other section leaders.

The AIChE local sections website is another great resource for you to read more about section programming ideas and activities.

Many innovative and successful programs have come out of the AIChE Program Planning and John J. McKetta ProjectConnect Grant Programs designed to assist local sections in their programming efforts. To read about the innovative activities supported by the grants and more information about the grant criteria, award amounts, and how to apply for both programs please visit the Resources for Local Sections Page.

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Leadership Development Conference

What is the Leadership Development Conference?

The Leadership Development Conference (LDC), formerly known as the Officers' Conference, is one of the most important programs AIChE offers to support, recognize and reward the efforts of our volunteer leaders. AIChE local section, division/forum and committee leaders from across the country and around the world are invited to join the AIChE Board of Directors, Operating Council members and AIChE staff, for an exciting weekend of networking, learning and fun. The conference program, workshops and theme vary in focus each year, however, every LDC offers a wide array of formal and informal opportunities to discuss critical issues facing volunteer leadership, programming, membership, outreach and communications. For more information about the LDC, please contact leadershipconf@aiche.org or call (646) 495-1330.

Can any section, division/forum, committee officer attend the LDC?

The conference programming and workshops are geared toward incoming officers and future volunteer leaders of AIChE. However, any section, division/forum, and committee leaders are welcome to attend.

How can my section apply to host a Leadership Development Conference?

Hosting the LDC is one of the most energizing projects a local section can undertake. The leadership, teamwork, and member involvement required on the local level serves to stimulate activity, enthusiasm and motivation. A select group of AIChE volunteers and staff work together on managing the finances and designing the program content, while the local section has the opportunity to apply its own personality, style, and hospitality to the proceedings, making the Leadership Development Conference a unique event.  For more information on hosting the Leadership Development Conference in the future, please contact localsections@aiche.org or call (646) 495-1330. 

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Dues Accounting- Collection and Remittance

How often does AIChE send the local section dues checks?

AIChE sends out dues checks to all sections on a quarterly basis. Dues are calculated on actual payments received. Dues collected January-March are sent out in April/May; dues collected April-June are sent out in July/August; dues collected for July-September are sent in October; dues collected during the last quarter of the year, October-December, are mailed in January/February of the following year. Visit the Resources for Local Sections Page for dues summary and more on section governance.

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Tax Exemption and Incorporation/Tax I.D. Number

How can I obtain a copy of AIChE's Tax Exemption Letter?

Once your section has been included under the group tax exemption, AIChE Membership Department can provide copies of the Institute's tax exemption letter, and a letter stating your Employer Identification Number-confirming that your section is included in AIChE's group exemption. To receive this information, contact localsections@aiche.org or (646) 495-1331.

What is my section's Employer Identification Number?

Whether or not your section has incorporated, it must obtain an Employer Identification Number (a.k.a "Tax I.D. Number"). Most sections have already obtained a Tax I.D. Number and can ask AIChE's Membership Department for that information via localsections@aiche.org; however those that have not must file form SS-4 with their regional I.R.S Office.

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Officer Updates

Our officers have changed - who should I notify?

Fill out the Roster Update Form and send to AIChE's Membership Department at localsections@aiche.org. It is crucial that we have the correct officers listed for your section so that we can assure that the correct person receives information and dues checks from us.

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