AIChE Strategy Plan Summary

As AIChE enters our second century it is critical that we develop a long range strategy for the Institute. To this end, the Board of Directors commissioned a major review which resulted in a strategy document that was approved by the Board of Directors at the April 2008 meeting. The document identifies five strategic goals and three enabling goals with a time horizon of nominally 5 years.

Strategic Goals

  • Become a global organization of chemical engineering practitioners.
  • Strengthen industry and technology groups and create new groups where needed to support the diverse interests of members.
  • Aggressively develop innovative new products and services for members based on web-based technologies.
  • Engage with others to improve the undergraduate curriculum in chemical engineering and promote life-long learning.
  • Impact societal issues by informing and educating the public and government in complex technical areas.

Enabling Goals

The three approved enabling goals will be important in achieving the strategic goals:

  • Identification of alternative business models that rely less on membership dues. The plan commits the Institute to no increase in the level of dues for the next five years.
  • Make membership in AIChE more inclusive.
  • Improve the operational effectiveness of AIChE.

Details of the process to develop the Strategy Plan and descriptions of each of the strategic and enabling goals can be found in the AIChE Strategy Project Final Report.

AIChE Strategy Project Final Report

Our mission is to be a global leader in advancing the theory and practice of chemical engineering, to be the life long career home for our members and to be a leader in applying the knowledge of chemical engineering principles for the betterment of society. The approved goals will help us achieve our mission and be financially sound and deliver quality service that result in member satisfaction.

To implement these goals, a structured plan, schedule, and responsible entity for each goal still needs to be developed to put the strategy in action. This implementation plan will establish activities for each goal, assign responsibility and identify guiding metrics for measuring our progress toward achieving the goals. The oversight entities and lead responsibilities for developing the implementation plan have been identified, and can be viewed in the AIChE Strategy Implementation Structure document.

Strategy Implementation Structure

Guiding metrics will be developed for each goal to provide a high-level measure of the desired outcome for achieving the goal. The detailed set of activities needed to achieve the goal will be defined by the responsible entities along with the component metrics that will measure success in carrying out the activities.

Member comments and recommendations regarding all phases of this process are always welcome, and a live discussion board has been established on the AIChE website for this purpose.