Biofuels (Energy)

Conference Explores Developing Bioeconomy

Special Section
Brad Buecker
Infrastructure, biomass conversion, sources of biomass, and environmental and other impacts are some of the challenges facing the commercialization of biofuels.

Converting Cellulose to Biofuels

SBE Special Section
David Hogsett, Eduardo Ximenes, Youngmi Kim, Nathan S. Mosier, Michael R. Ladisch
Biochemical and thermochemical process technologies being developed to convert wood and other lignocellulosic feedstocks to liquid fuels will drive the transition from corn-based ethanol to advanced biofuels.

Metabolic Engineering of Next-Generation Biofuels

SBE Special Section
Wendy Higashide, James C. Liao
Engineers are turning to genetic and biological tools and techniques to synthesize higher-chain alcohols that do not suffer from the same limitations as ethanol.
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