Transportation Safety

Considerations for transportation security, include threat and vulnerability assessments and potential countermeasures. Also includes risk assessment programs for land transport by rail, truck, and pipeline for consequences that may affect the public or the environment. Explore research and resources regarding transportation safety below and by reading this article on Collision Avoidance.

Flash Fire From a Hot Combustible Liquid

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 4, 2012
A truck driver loading a tanker was fatally injured in a flash fire. The accident occurred at the loading rack of a petroleum refinery. The truck...

Societal Risk Criteria and Pipelines

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 4, 2012
The discussion of societal risk criteria for the process industry began in the 1970's, led primarily by the Dutch and British governments. Most of...

Transportation Risk

Global Congress on Process Safety
Apr 28, 2009
Transportation Risk Assessment (TRA) is an essential aspect of risk management. TRA manages transportation risks by considering hazards, routes, and...

Managing Transportation Safety and Security Risks

Brad A. Fuller
Effective transportation risk management (TRM) balances safety and security with operational efficiency. When developing a TRM program, use this comprehensive framework and these practical techniques to identify and screen risks.
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