2013 Board of Directors Election

The 2014 board election results have been announced.

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AIChE holds an annual election for the Board of Directors. Board members are elected for three-year terms. In any given year, one-third of the Board will be up for election.

Any qualified member, senior member, or Fellow can run by petition for president-elect, secretary, treasurer, or director (but not president) by filing signatures of 100 or more voting members with the Office of the Secretary no later than 25 weeks prior to the annual meeting. Click on any candidate's name to see their bio and statement. 

2013 Board of Directors Election Timeline

May 13, 2013 Petition Candidate Due
July 29, 2013 Ballot Mail Date
August 12, 2013 Election Open for Voting
September 16, 2013 Ballot Receipt Deadline
September 20, 2013 Tellers Committee Meeting
November 4, 2013 Results Officially Announced at the Annual Business Meeting in San Francisco, CA

2013 Slate of Candidates

For President-Elect 

Cheryl I. Teich Dow Chemical
Phllip W. Winkler Air Products (retired)

For Treasurer

T. Bond Calloway, Jr. Savannah River National Laboratory
E. Dennis Griffith, PE Granherne

For Director

Dibakar (DB) Bhattacharyya University of Kentucky
Marc-Olivier Coppens University College London
Ahmed Khogeer, PE Aramco
Daniel P. Lambert Savannah River National Laboratory
Christi P. Luks University of Tulsa
Joseph D. Smith Missouri University of Science and Technology 
Diane K. Spencer, PE Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Levi T. Thompson, Jr. University of Michigan 

For President-Elect

Cheryl I. Teich

Cheryl Teich is the Reaction Engineering Expertise Leader in Dow Chemical’s Engineering Solutions Technology Center. She joined Dow during its 2009 Rohm and Haas acquisition, and recently marked her 30th anniversary with the combined company. Cheryl holds BS (MIT), MS (MIT), and PhD (Stevens Institute of Technology) degrees in chemical engineering. She has spent her career negotiating the interfaces between R&D, manufacturing, and business functions. She considers herself an “expert generalist” in process development, reaction engineering and problem solving.

There is a strong synergy between Cheryl’s “day job” and her AIChE contributions: the ability to see common factors among disparate groups and leverage their individual strengths across organizational boundaries. Cheryl served on AIChE’s Board of Directors (2007–2009) while chairing the Executive Board of the Program Committee (2008). She negotiated the use of Rohm and Haas’ innovative webcasting technology at the 2008 Centennial Meeting, a precursor to ChemE on Demand. As chair of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (2012), she shepherded the formation of the Pharmaceutical Discovery, Development and Manufacturing Forum (PD2M). Cheryl is a founding member of the Process Development Div., an organizer of that Division’s symposia, and has co-chaired and chaired AIChE National Meetings (New Orleans, 2002, and Atlanta, 2005). She is an AIChE Fellow and a Trustee of the AIChE Foundation.


I am honored by the nomination for AIChE President-Elect. It’s good to have an opportunity to give back, because I have forged many leadership skills through active participation and increasing responsibility. I prize the network I have developed across industry, academia, and government. I believe in this so strongly that it forms my platform.

Here’s the plan: learn by doing. Consider AIChE participation and leadership roles as risk-free opportunities to grow skills; the time, an investment in your future. Assume higher responsibilities than your “day job” entails. Know that the skills are now yours.

Discussions on communities of practice use a core model: very active people in the innermost core, surrounded by a middle ring of situationally-involved people. The outermost ring belongs to the passive “lurkers.” We need to build our innermost core.

I entered the inner core when I joined the nascent Process Development Div. and became an area vice-chair.

As President, I would ask every AIChE group to meet “the core challenge”: crafting and attaining a specific goal that grows the group’s core. Meeting the core challenge will strengthen the Institute and its membership, and transform chemical engineering practitioners into leaders.

Please contact me at cheryl.teich.2014@gmail.com with comments and/or questions.

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Phllip W. Winkler

Phil Winkler retired from Air Products in 2010 after a successful career in creating partnerships among government, industry, and academia to develop and commercialize new technologies. In 2011, Phil began a consulting practice focused on clean energy. He formed Government Contracting Specialists, LLC, to assist businesses and organizations with research, development, and demonstration funding opportunities with the federal and state governments. He is also a Partner in LFG Resources, LLC, providing creative solutions to a variety of industries. After relocating to Florida, Phil became a member of the Advisory Board Council at the Univ. of Central Florida’s Small Business Development Center, a peer reviewer for the Illinois Clean Coal Institute, and a member of the Clearwater Clean Coal Conference Planning Committee.

Phil is an AIChE Fellow and has been an active AIChE leader over the last 30 years. He served on the Board of Directors from 2003–2005, and was a founding member and chair of the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC). He has also chaired AIChE’s Lehigh Valley Section and the Government Relations Committee. He is currently a member of the Central Florida Section, the Speaker’s Corner, and is a Washington Internships for Students of Engineering (WISE) Mentor. Phil earned his BE in chemical engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology, and his MBA from Rutgers Univ.


AIChE has a rare opportunity to grow and increase its influence and value proposition as the U.S. chemical industry undergoes a renaissance driven by low-cost, abundant supplies of shale gas. The impact of shale gas has been to decrease the costs of both raw materials and energy, incenting the industry to make significant investments in people and capital equipment. This re-awakening of the U.S. chemical industry creates a tremendous opportunity for AIChE to grow and expand its influence.

As President:

  • I will focus on improving the value of membership, developing strong government/ industry/academic partnerships to accelerate innovation in the chemical industry and enhance U.S. competitiveness, and increasing AIChE’s role in shaping technology policy.
  • I will work to continue to provide value to our members in traditional ways and in new virtual ways.
  • I will strengthen and expand AIChE’s offerings for Young Professionals, the future of our profession.
  • I will set a goal of AIChE being a key “go-to” organization for opinions on technology policy. AIChE has an opportunity to positively influence technology policy as the industry undergoes a rebirth.
  • I will strengthen AIChE’s relationships with the other key professional societies and key government agencies.

Please provide feedback to philwinkler@gcspecialists.com.

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For Treasurer

T. Bond Calloway, Jr.

Bond Calloway is the Renewable Energy Research Manager at Savannah River National Laboratory. He was elected to the AIChE Board of Directors for 2011–2013. He has served AIChE as 2009 Annual Meeting Program Vice-Chair; Nuclear Engineering Div. Chair/Vice-Chair/Director; Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council (CTOC) member; Executive Board Program Committee member; and Research and New Technology Committee Chair/Vice Chair. Bond received the first AIChE Herb Epstein Award for the revitalization and growth of AIChE’s Nuclear Engineering Div.

He currently serves as an AIChE Foundation Trustee and on the AIChE Center for Energy Initiatives Executive Board. He has 29 years of experience in the R&D, design, construction, and operation of nuclear waste/chemical process systems. He has been a National Science Foundation peer reviewer and has authored more than 50 papers on topics in energy and environmental research. He led the development of three special energy sections for CEP and helped to found the Center for Energy Initiatives. His research group has won two R&D 100 awards. Bond received his BS from Auburn Univ.


Growing AIChE Through Sound Fiscal Stewardship: In 2012, AIChE had one of its best years financially, and has experienced membership growth through the excellent efforts of AIChE members, staff, board of directors, and executive committee members. Bond is committed to maintaining this positive trend through sound financial management — managing spending and investing assets wisely. His top priorities are expanding AIChE’s membership through development of value-added services with real potential for return on investment, and securing AIChE’s financial future. He believes that enhancing AIChE’s value to industrial, university, international members, chemical engineering students and early-career professionals remains the cornerstone to securing AIChE’s financial future.

If elected, Bond will seek to implement innovative strategies to ensure AIChE’s continued growth and sound financial management through the following initiatives:

  • Leverage the U.S. growth in natural gas resources. Bond plans to foster and participate in the development and startup of Institute-wide initiatives that foster university, industrial, and governmental collaboration in this technology area.
  • Establish industry-university-government partnerships that lead to government grants for new-member programs and services.
  • In collaboration with AIChE staff, initiate a new return-on-investment policy for new initiatives that will allow for continued growth, along with a means for evaluating the financial return.
  • Foster the development of low-cost regional and international meetings that can bring advanced chemical engineering technology closer to our industrial and academic members.

Bond would appreciate your vote and support in the upcoming election (bond.calloway@gmail.com).

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E. Dennis Griffith, PE

Dennis Griffith, PE is a Fellow of AIChE and a Senior Project Manager at Granherne, KBR’s front end consulting affiliate. Much of his professional work involves evaluation of the economic viability of projects during their concept development phases, including developing high level and detailed cost estimates and performing financial analyses. His work also includes developing, monitoring, and reporting project budgets. Dennis has a BSChE from The Univ. of Texas at Austin and an MSChE from the Univ. of Michigan.

His AIChE activities have included serving on the Board of Directors and as the Chair and Treasurer of the Fuels and Petrochemicals Div. and the South Texas Section. Dennis also has been a member of the Center for Energy Initiatives’ Executive Committee, and the Chair of the National Program Committee, along with being the Meeting Program Chair, the Co-Meeting Program Chair and the General Arrangements Chair for multiple Spring Meetings. He is currently a member of the Public Affairs and Information Committee and the Societal Impact Operating Council, a Trustee of the AIChE Foundation, and the AIChE representative to the American Association of Engineering Societies’ Professional Licensure Working Group. Through these activities, Dennis has gained a comprehensive knowledge of AIChE procedures and operations. Outside of AIChE, he has held positions of financial responsibility in non-profits and government, including serving on the Spring Valley Village, TX, City Council


The Treasurer is responsible for the overall financial health of AIChE, and provides oversight by monitoring and reviewing financial activities of AIChE and reporting the financial status to the Board, which represents the membership. As a key member of the AIChE leadership, the Treasurer is involved in developing policies to be implemented by the Institute and must consider their financial impact on AIChE operations.

In addition, if elected, Dennis will:

  • Ensure that financial policies meet the current and future needs of AIChE
  • Use his concept development experience to innovate and investigate new ways to grow AIChE
  • Explore funding opportunities for AIChE’s Industrial Technology Groups
  • Find new ways to partner with other technical organizations
  • Work to ensure the future viability of AIChE.

Along with his longstanding commitment to AIChE on both the global and local levels, and his career experience, Dennis will bring his volunteer spirit, diverse background, and leadership skills to address critical issues while keeping AIChE financially healthy.

Feel free to contact Dennis at DGriffith-AIChE@sbcglobal.net.

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For Director

Dibakar (DB) Bhattacharyya

Dibakar Bhattacharyya (DB) is the Univ. of Kentucky Alumni Chair Professor of Chemical Engineering and a Fellow of AIChE. He received his PhD from the Illinois Institute of Technology, MS from Northwestern Univ., and BS from Jadavpur Univ. With more than 35 years of chemical engineering education and research experience, he has published over 170 journal articles, 33 book chapters, two books, and received five U.S. patents (with three additional full utility patents filed in 2012) in functionalized membranes and water treatment. He has brought lab-scale functionalized membrane technology to full-scale by collaborative work with a membrane manufacturer.

Honors from AIChE include the Herb Epstein Award for Technical Programming, Gerhold Award for contributions to separations technology, and the L. K. Cecil Environmental Div. Award. He is also a recipient of the Kentucky Academy of Science’s Distinguished Scientist Award and the Univ. of Kentucky Alumni Association Great Teacher Awards. He and his students received the Outstanding AIChE Student Chapter Award 25 years in a row.

DB’s AIChE service includes: Meeting Program Chair (MPC) of the 2005 Annual Meeting and Co-MPC of the 2008 Centennial Meeting; programming chair of the Environmental Div.; chair (2010–2011) of the Separations Div.; co-chair of the 2011 Annual Meeting Topical Conference on Water Technology for Developed and Developing Countries; and member of the Executive Board of the Program Committee and the Admissions Committee. He served as student chapter advisor at the Univ. of Kentucky (1981–2009), twice receiving AIChE’s Outstanding Advisor Award. Through these activities, DB has developed a broad knowledge base for working with students and young professionals, division officers, AIChE staff, and academic and industrial members.


As a Board member, I will work for all members of the Institute to further improve membership for young chemical engineers, graduating seniors, and to foster stronger interactions between academia and industry by being an engaging and enthusiastic Director. Key priorities are:

  • Enhancement of services for graduating chemical engineers
  • Increased interactions with international societies, and promotion of specialized meetings of global importance
  • Enhanced active membership of graduating chemical engineers
  • Expanded forums for industry speakers at the Annual Meetings; enhanced networking amongst industry, academia and government
  • Improved efforts to understand the needs of members, and to establish service priorities.

AIChE is an outstanding professional society, and with your help I am confident that as a Board member I will be able to strengthen the society further and bring AIChE to the global frontier.

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Marc-Olivier Coppens

Marc-Olivier Coppens is the Ramsay Memorial Professor and Head of Chemical Engineering at University College London (UCL) since Fall 2012, before which he was a professor for six years at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI; Troy, NY), and prior to that spent eight years on the faculty of Delft Univ. of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands. His degrees are from the Univ. of Ghent (Belgium), and he was a postdoctoral researcher at the Univ. of California, Berkeley, and at Yale Univ. He is passionate about chemical engineering research and education. He pioneered a fundamental approach to innovation, based on “nature-inspired chemical engineering.”

He holds multiple international awards, and has over 100 publications and patents to his credit. A member of AIChE since 1997, he most recently served as Vice-Chair of the International Committee, as a member of the President’s Blue Ribbon Committee on Certification, and is currently Academic Liaison for the Particle Technology Forum (PTF). He chairs sessions and presents papers at AIChE meetings every year. He serves on the Editorial Board of Chemical Engineering Science and Powder Technology, and is on the Advisory Boards at Hong Kong Univ. of Science and Technology and at UniAndes, Colombia.


Chemical engineering is the link between chemistry and society. It is the key behind our energy needs, and many products that we use every day. Chemical engineers carry a huge responsibility in an increasingly complex world, with economic, social and environmental challenges. AIChE plays a crucial role in uniting the chemical engineering community, not only within the United States, but, increasingly, internationally. I will focus my efforts as Director toward:

  • Growing AIChE — Making it more global by increasing AIChE’s international presence, attracting more international members, and fostering collaborations with other chemical engineering associations, such as IChemE.
  • Fostering AIChE as a reliable, quality label for education. This includes leveraging AIChE’s immense industrial and academic knowledge base by enhancing its online content.
  • Reviving the academic brand name of AIChE by introducing high-quality journals under the AIChE umbrella, which would also support the Institute financially.
  • Promoting international student chapters as sisters to domestic chapters, thereby increasing AIChE’s visibility and outreach, while giving an international dimension to domestic students’ experience.
  • Enhancing AIChE’s focus on sustainability and safety.

It would be an honor to serve the Institute as a voice and enabler of the worldwide chemical engineering community.

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Ahmed S. Khogeer, PE

Ahmed Khogeer, PhD, MBA, PE, PMP, CE, has 23 years of chemical engineering experience with Aramco, including refining, projects, and R&D, during which he spent nine years in the U.S. He is a founding member of King Abdullah Univ. of Science and Technology (KAUST; Thuwal, Saudia Arabia). He earned his MS in chemical engineering at the Univ. of Tulsa, and a PhD in chemical engineering and an MBA from Colorado State Univ. He joined AIChE in 1998, and has been actively involved as a meeting presenter, a session chair, a director of the Fuels and Petrochemicals Div., a member of the International Committee, and an AIChE regional liaison.

His efforts have assisted in increasing membership and conference participation, enhancing programming, and generating interest in establishing AIChE local sections. With the International Committee, he helped universities in Saudi Arabia to establish chemical engineering departments and prepare world-class programs for talented students.


I share AIChE’s vision for expanding to a global organization for ChEs worldwide, particularly AIChE’s new projects in evolving regions such as the Middle East, India, China and South America, where there may not be well-established chemical engineering institutions, and thus an opportunity for AIChE to serve the need. I have been working on this with AIChE for the past years using personal contacts. The position of Director will give me credibility when reaching out to companies, universities, and government agencies. Some areas of interest are:

  • Increasing the number and membership of international student chapters and sections
  • Proposing a proactive sister chapters system to help new chapters come up to speed
  • Working with government agencies and major companies to educate high school students about chemical engineering and its importance to industries in developing countries
  • Continuing outreach to universities that are either under development or considering establishing a chemical engineering department, or that need assistance with ABET accreditation
  • Working with government agencies looking to switch to clean and renewable fuels, including oil exporting countries in the Arabian Gulf
  • Increasing awareness and engagement of AIChE in the oil and energy sector, and encouraging engineers to attend meetings to share real life experiences, fostering oil, gas, and power projects worldwide.

I envision AIChE and CCPS as advisors and training-providers for many of the oil and gas processing companies, particularly in the evolving economies, as well as more presence for AIChE at global conferences and seminars.

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Daniel P. Lambert

Dan Lambert is a Fellow Engineer at the Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL; Aiken, SC). He received his BS from Ohio State and has 31 years of engineering experience, first with the U.S. Air Force’s Space Div. (Los Angeles, CA), then with DuPont at the Savannah River Plant, and now with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions. He develops flowsheets for processing and stabilizing the 35-million gal. of high-level radioactive waste at the Savannah River site.

Dan is Founding Chair of AIChE’s Virtual Local Section, chair of the Career and Education Operating Council (CEOC), past chair of the Central Savannah Section and the Nuclear Engineering Div., and an Advisory Webinar Editor. He is the recipient of AIChE’s Shining Star Award, the SRNL Director’s Award, the Savannah River Technology Center’s (SRTC) Vice President’s Award, the George Westinghouse Signature Award of Excellence, and a Live United Award.


I see a bright future for our profession. My sons have chosen a career in chemical engineering, and I want to better support students and young professionals like them. Much has changed since I earned my engineering degree. I want to ensure that AIChE keeps up with these changes.

AIChE needs to support young professionals and students, providing them with practical continuing education through student chapters and local section meetings, AIChE courses and webinars, as well as through the programming of divisions and forums at Spring and Annual meetings. We also must identify the training that they most need.

AIChE needs to support ChEs globally. Our largest growth will likely be overseas, but AIChE isn’t the only chemical engineering society in the world. If we don’t support people working in Asia, Europe, Africa, and South America, another society will. And, as chemical engineers are frequently asked to work overseas, we will need to find ways to support the people who are awake while we in the U.S. are sleeping.

AIChE needs to better support people in career transitions, whether they are unemployed, returning to the workforce, or just frustrated in a current job. Local sections, divisions and forums, the Women’s Initiative Committee, and other AIChE groups can give personal support and encouragement to people facing these challenges. I wish that I had such support when I left the Air Force.

I am humbled to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors. I will continue to serve AIChE by improving its service to you.

Please contact me at dlambert@gforcecable.com if you have any questions or comments.

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Christi P. Luks

Christi Patton Luks is Applied Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Univ. of Tulsa. She received her PhD in chemical engineering and MS in applied mathematics from the Univ. of Tulsa and her BS in chemical engineering from Texas A&M Univ. Immediately after receiving her BS, she worked for Stauffer Chemical in Baton Rouge, LA. She left that position for graduate studies and remained in Tulsa, first doing research for the Wax Deposition Joint Industry Project and then teaching at the Univ. of Tulsa. She was a consultant for Amoco Production when their research facilities were in Tulsa.

Christi has been awarded many of the teaching awards given at the Univ. of Tulsa. She has served AIChE by chairing the Women’s Initiatives Committee, the Global Outreach Committee, and the Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC). She is membership chair of AIChE’s Education Div. and vice-president of Omega Chi Epsilon. She completed her term on the Board of Directors of the American Society for Engineering Education in June 2013.


My work with AIChE focuses on growing the future diversity within our profession by 1) participating in programs to retain those currently in the field, 2) recruiting chemical engineers from a variety of backgrounds, and 3) identifying the impact we have in fields beyond our traditional technologies. AIChE’s initial steps on the expanding global stage have been exciting. I look forward to helping AIChE to form global partnerships in areas where ChEs are well-established and teaching those in other parts of the world about chemical engineering through offering K–12 activities and technical expertise to solve water, safety, and environmental problems in less-privileged communities.

Programs to stop the leaky pipeline of membership erosion have been in place for years and have been moderately successful. AIChE is well-positioned to strengthen its membership rolls. Family and medical leave policies demonstrate that people must take breaks in their career from time to time. But, after a lengthy break, the return to industry can be daunting. Retraining is often needed and can be provided by a vanguard re-entry program. If partnered with realistic retention initiatives, this program can retain well-trained ChEs who might otherwise disappear.

Finally, I believe it is important that AIChE continue to improve the transparency of its operations and increase two-way communications between technical divisions, committees, operating councils, and local sections. To succeed, this leadership must originate with the Board of Directors.

Christi invites readers to contact her at Christi-Luks@utulsa.edu with questions they may have.

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Joseph D. Smith

Joseph D. Smith is the Laufer Endowed Energy Chair at Missouri Univ. of Science and Technology (formally Missouri Rolla), where he also serves as Director of the Energy Research and Development Center, positions to which he brings over 25 years of diversified experience in academia and industry. Smith has published more than 35 papers, has given more than 60 conference presentations and holds seven patents with one pending.

He contributed two chapters to the John Zink Combustion Handbook and published one chapter in the CRC Industrial Burner Handbook. He has significant experience in the fossil energy industry, including developing and applying comprehensive CFD models for coal combustion, biomass gasification, and optimization of industrial scale furnaces.


I believe the future of the chemical engineering profession depends on engaging and building upon the energetic enthusiasm of chemical engineering students and recent graduates. Many students actively participate in student chapters. To remain vital, our Institute must engage chemical engineering students and young professionals (YPs). Chemical engineering has broad application and YPs face great competition in their evolving careers. Having served as chair of two local sections, I’ve witnessed the benefits of engaging YPs in working with the community and industry. A key characteristic of YP chemical engineers is a desire to “give back.” Providing service opportunities is a good way to engage YPs and I believe is best done through local sections. Given this, I plan to focus my efforts as Director on strengthening local sections and engaging YPs by:

  • Increasing engagement between local sections and student chapters
  • Increasing recognition of the valiant faculty, who spend hours working with student chapters
  • Identifying ways to link student chapters to each other by developing lively challenges, following the example of the Chem-E-Car Competition
  • Involving local sections to help facilitate student involvement in regional and national AIChE conferences
  • Engaging local sections to enhance e-learning opportunities by more fully leveraging AIChE’s web-based education initiatives
  • Better publicizing AIChE’s outstanding on-line educational programs, to increase section participation and complement industrial training resources
  • Increasing section diversity by supporting new outreach opportunities that promote involvement of high school minority students, to acquaint them with the importance of chemical engineering and the rewards of a chemical engineering career.

Based on over 30 years of service in the AIChE, I understand the personal commitment required to serve as a Director and I look forward to giving my time to strengthen an already great professional society.

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Diane K. Spencer, PE

Diane Spencer, PE, is a lead safety analyst at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. She received her BS from the Univ. of Arizona and MS from the Univ. of Kentucky. She has more than 30-years of experience in process engineering, research, consulting, and safety. She was chair/co-chair of the general arrangement committees for two AIChE Annual meetings. Diane is an AIChE Fellow and past chair of the Career and Education Operating Council (CEOC). She has helped create a process for starting new forums of value to AIChE members.

In addition, she helped reform the Continuing Education Committee and Government Relations Committee. Diane was Chair of the Northern California Section, an extremely active AIChE local section. Diane has represented chemical engineers in California to change the state law to enable ChEs to do chemical engineering without a civil engineer’s stamp. She helped create the Interview Workshop for university students in California and has coached more than two hundred students/young professionals in career development.


Chemical engineering is an amazingly diverse profession. One of the challenges facing AIChE is finding ways to create value for our members who have radically different expectations and needs. A challenge we face as members is utilizing Institute resources so we can collaborate and devise solutions to problems facing us in our jobs or in our communities.

As Director I will:

  • Support the creation of new forums/homes for members who have common interests. This will enable them to obtain grants, create tools (e.g., Sustainability Index from IfS), educate the public and others, speak with one voice on issues/challenges, and more.
  • Support divisions and forums to pursue their innovative ideas and create more value for their members.
  • Work with graduate students to create value for them in AIChE while they complete their degrees and when they begin their professional careers.
  • Provide tools to help local sections grow and create value.
  • Reach out to ChEs who are in nontraditional fields. Many are the only chemical engineer in their office or company. AIChE can provide training, access to consultants, and more that would appeal to the “lone engineer.”
  • Support AIChE’s efforts to oppose the requirement for a masters degree (or equivalent) to obtain a professional engineering license. Let the companies hiring chemical engineers decide what education and credentials they need and want.

I would very much like to continue to make AIChE an even better professional society and would appreciate your support as a Director.

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Levi T. Thompson, Jr.

Levi Thompson is the Richard Balzhiser Professor of Chemical Engineering, Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Hydrogen Energy Technology Laboratory at the Univ. of Michigan (UM). During his 25-plus year membership in AIChE, Levi has served in a number of capacities, including AIChE Journal Consulting Editor and most recently Chair of the Chemical Engineering Technology Operating Council. He has distinguished himself in the areas of catalysis and energy storage, and has served in a number of leadership positions at the UM, most notably as Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education.

He is recipient of numerous honors including the NSF Presidential Young Investigator, Michiganian of the Year, and Dow Chemical Teaching awards. He co-founded T/J Technologies, an energy start-up, and served as founding CEO and Board Chair until its acquisition. Levi earned a BChE from the Univ. of Delaware, and MSE degrees in chemical and nuclear engineering and a PhD from the UM.


These are exciting times for the chemical engineering profession, with the confluence of opportunities such as the availability of low cost hydrocarbon feedstocks for chemicals and power production, advances in modeling chemical and biological phenomena, and the changing interests and demographics of our community. We have to look no further than the AIChE mission statement — which includes stimulating collaborative efforts among industry, universities, government and professional societies, and advancing the development and exchange of relevant knowledge — to understand the Institute’s potential to help its membership take advantage of these opportunities and address some of the most complex challenges facing society.

As a Director I will work to help AIChE to achieve its mission and provide greater value to its membership, with a focus on:

  • Continuing to expand educational and professional development opportunities, including establishment of forums in key areas such as natural gas recovery and conversion
  • Exploring ways to enhance the content of Chemical Engineering Progress magazine
  • Facilitating transition of students to professional membership
  • Increasing opportunities for graduate students to attend AIChE meetings via scholarships and fee waivers
  • Utilizing social media to educate the broader community about current chemical technology issues
  • Developing strategies to engage larger numbers of engineers from under-represented groups in Institute activities and leadership
  • Supporting efforts to expand participation in major AIChE events (e.g., annual meetings) via cyber-technologies.

I am excited about the opportunity to serve AIChE as a Director, and stand ready to devote the time and energy necessary to meet expectations associated with the position.

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